10 Awesome Electronic Flyer Designs To Get You Inspired

Flyers are like small pieces of advertisement in paper form, but with the dawn of the internet and electronic age, flyers can also be designed exquisitely with edge using the latest tools and designed for parties at clubs, especially those with electronic music events.

List of the 10 best electronic flyer designs for inspiration

Here are some 10 awesome electronic flyer designs to get you started:

Chameleon – Octopus Flyer

Here is a neat and colorful flyer by Martijn van Dam. It has a nice octopus artwork with fully-detailed boxes of candies on a ship. Each element in the design is cute and attractive, especially the blending of the colors, fonts and the like.

Mikro Flyer February 2011

This has a lot of effort and detail into it. If the event is sci-fi or action-themed, then this is a good started for that. The lightings and typography designs were prepared well. Check out that guitar in the middle.

Party Pack – Techno

This is a very nice and conceptual work. It shows a lot of music (especially electronic music) elements in monochrome and has the design of those plastic toys that you assemble together. The typeface choices are also well-done.


If you want something vector and quite creative or minimalistic, here is one good design for you. Each of these city elements was carefully detailed and the geometrical arrangement is quite captivating.


This has a unique and cute typography design, such that each letter has an individual pattern in it. The design might me quite simple but it can be really catchy.

Massive Attack

If you want something edgy and more action-themed, this flyer could be your basis. The design of speakers all over the flyer was used in a cool way, as well as the text effects.

Aquasky Flyer

This is a neat flyer that has a vintage design and a cool set of typography. It is quite simple but nonetheless, it is unqiue.

Palladium Hollywood Events DJ

Nothing says ‘creative photomanipulation’ like this one. Most often, flyers are just random picture put together with typography, but this is somewhat creative and unique with its concept.

Vintage – Flyer

Here is another vintage design to keep you motivated. It is done for yet another electronic scene / show.

So Fresh!

This is a cute and hip design for a 90’s music event. The flyer is true to its vintage and 90’s feel – very colorful and vibrant.


There you have it – a bunch of neat and awesome electronic flyer designs to get your creativity started! If you enjoyed this, share it with your friends!

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