how-to: embed a google plus post on your website

For most of the bloggers nowadays who are serious with hitting the high ranks, Google+ is a very helpful channel and tool to bring more traffic and hence improve the rankings of their sites. Whenever they post something new on their blog, it’s also almost an intuition that one must share it at once to the social networks they’re members of. Google+ is among the most credible example of this.

But don’t you know that you can reverse the process? What I mean here is that, you can also start posting a story on Google+, and have it shared on your website instead. Incredible, right? This is called ‘embedding,’ and with Google+, you can do so easily.

Check out these steps and let us know what you’ve embedded!

  1. Click the “drop down arrow” icon on your post and select “Embed Post”. Here’s a screenshot demo:
  2. Now copy the given code and paste it where you want the post to show up!

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