how to: embed a google+ post to your site or blog

By signing up with G+, you can leap ahead by engaging with others who are already using it.

You can be part of the early adopters. It has killer applications that you can use to meet and greet more people while promoting your products and services.

Furthermore, Google Plus allows you to interact with influencers who concentrate on this site. There’s also the presence of camaraderie that you don’t feel with other well-established platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.

There are several unique features of this site that make it more interesting. It may look very professional to others but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to socialize with this site.

When you post something on this site, it can be read by thousands of people who are already in your Circles.

But can you embed posts from here to your website, for instance? Yes, you can. Last September 2013, Google has announced that its social networking site is now equipped with the ability to embed posts to other sites.

It means that you can display your Google+ posts to your website or blog allowing your visitors to communicate with you by commenting or “+1ing.”

The Embedded Posts feature of G+ supports photo, media posts and text. If you’re excited to play around with it but you don’t know how to insert your posts to your site, then let this guide help you.

How to Embed Google Plus Post to Your Site

  1. Log into your G+ account
  2. Find the post you want to embed to your website
  3. Your posts must be interesting to drive more traffic to your G+ profile.
  4. Place the mouse pointer anywhere on the post you want to embed
  5. Click the menu icon.
    It looks like a down arrow.
  6. Select “Embed Post”.
    From the dropdown list, you’ll find several options, like Link to Post, Embed Post, Mute post, etc. Here’s a screenshot:
    Embedding Google Plust Post
  7. Copy the given code. Once you’ve selected the Embed Post option on step 5, a window appears showing you the code.
  8. Paste the code to your website.
    Insert the code where you want the post to appear on your site.

That’s it. You can also change its alignment by adding “div” code on the second part of the code.
Once you’re done, your visitors will be able to see that post and may convince them to join you on G+.

With the use of Embed Post feature of this site, you’ll be able to engage with other audience of G+ and promote your content. But make sure that it’s interesting enough to be shared. Google allows you to embed posts with images, videos, and links to a community.

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