Twitter 101: How To Embed Twitter Widgets Into Websites

Twitter widgets can be used to recreate twitter timelines and can be posted to any website. As such visitors to your website will to able to reply to tweets, retweet them and even favourite them without even going to the main Twitter website.

Here are the simple steps to embed a twitter widget into your website:

  1. Log into your twitter account.
  2. Go to the option beside the “Compose New tweet” option.
  3. Click on the drop down arrow near the icon.
  4. You will now observe several options in the drop down menu like Direct message, Lists, Help, Keyboard shortcuts, Settings and Sign Out.
  5. Select the Settings option.
  6. Now on the left of your screen you will notice several options like Account, Password, Mobile and others. Look towards the bottom, you will notice the widget option. Click on it.
  7. Now you will see a “Create new” option on the left of your screen. Click on it.
  8. Now you can select any one of the following types of widgets: User timeline, User favourites, Lists created by the user and filtered search.
  9. In order to create a widget using the tweets or favourites of a particular you can select either the Timeline or the Favourites option.
  10. Now you need to type in the name of the person based on whom you are creating the widgets. The tweets of the selected person will appear on the right of your screen. However it is not possible to embed the tweets of users who have not made their tweets public.
  11. In order to create a widget of lists you can select from two options: Lists that you have created and lists that you are subscribed to.
  12. After the selection of the tweets in the widget, you can customize it to fit to his/her website.
  13. You can adjust the height and theme.
  14. Tick on the check box above the “Create widget” option to opt-out of tailoring Twitter.
  15. Now click on the “Create widget” option.
  16. Now a code will be generated on the right of your screen. Just copy this code to your website and your widget will be embedded in your website.

In this way you can add a twitter widget to your account and have an interactive relationship with the visitors of your website.

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