9 Examples Of Amazing Street Arts

Some people are just so talented when it comes to arts. While you may think about art to be drawn only on the canvass, the truth is that art is everywhere! You can see them in your local store, at the cover of a magazine, printed in your coffee mug, and other unexpected places. But one thing that really caught my eye and I know it caught yours too is street art.

Street art is fittingly named as such because it is visual arts made in the streets. Sadly, street arts have a negative connotation because it is commonly related to vandalism. For this reason, street art is loosely known as sticker art, sculpture, graffiti artwork, street poster art, wheatpasting, guerilla art, art intervention, stencil graffiti, and many others.

If you are still unfamiliar with street art, I will enumerate 9 examples of amazing street arts that will surely leave you awe-struck. Take some time to explore them.

1. Giant blue-haired and red floral-dressed woman staring down the street


2. White River Rafting


3. Boy playing with paper plane


4. Magenta


5. The Waterfall


6. Bird and Girl


7. Milagro


8. World’s Largest 3D Street Painting


9. Mind your Step


These are just some of the amazing street arts that you should see. I have to admit, while doing the list; it took me longer because there are other street arts that are as amazing as the items I mentioned here.

Street arts never fail to amuse me. Out of different media and technique, artists bring to life their creation in the streets and turn an ordinary day into something interesting.

If you have seen other great street arts, please feel free to mention its link and share them to other people. Leave a comment below to know what you think.

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