12 Great Examples Of Quality Driving School Web Design

Driving is serious business. When you drive, you are putting the safety of your passengers onto your hands – think of it as a responsibility similar to parenting. This is why it is very important for drivers to stick to the traffic rules. They should learn not just the basics, but should also be capable of handling emergency situations and be ready on the road, should anything troublesome arise.

To ensure that learning the art of driving takes on the safe route, driving schools play the role of educating the student to avoid road accidents and bring both the car and the passengers to safety.

There are many great driving schools out there that also advertise their expertise thru the web. Sometimes, it takes a neatly-designed website for aspiring student drivers to check out your driving school. If you are planning or working on a website for a driving school then here are some great web designs to get you inspired:

1. Winter Driving School


Bridgestone Winter Driving School has a great website filled with dynamic content such as videos of actual driving performances and tests. It also has an online shop. The theme of the site has occasional reds and blacks, perfect colors for an automobile-themed website.

2. Tucson Defensive Driving School


With this driving school, you can either study online or offline in their school. The main page includes a beautiful image slider and a database of driving schedules with corresponding locations for your convenience.

3. Chequers Motoring School


Located in Bristol, United Kingdom, this driving school website has a nice fluid design coupled with social media elements. A picture slider is present and the graphics are of high-quality as well. The design’s beauty stems from its simplicity.

4. Arizona Online Defensive Driving


Go light with this driving school web design. It has a light blue theme and a clean touch of typography and display of information. The colors go all together very well and the website also displays their offers clearly.

5. Traffic School – 2pass Defensive Driving


A driving school situated in Arizona, this website has a purple theme and a list of pages and articles about their programs, price lists, rules and much more. The website design is also a responsive one.

6. Price Right Driving School Manchester


Despite being a traditional HTML site, this driving school web design has a “web people video” that introduces the driving school’s services and offers. The design proves that even traditional HTML can sometimes still look professional when designed carefully.

7. Surviving Driving


A South Wales driving school, this has a web color scheme of royalty – light brown. The typography is also great and the content is well-arranged, unlike most driving school sites in which the layout is scattered.

8. AA Driving School


With its yellow color scheme, this driving school has a nice layout with an image gallery beneath the large header image. The content and information is well-arranged.

9. Rob Pusser Driving School


This simple yet catchy driving school web design will surely catch your eye. It’s like stating their services in a “direct to the point” manner.

10. Com’Pass Driving School


This one has a nice flash image header and a professional layout, despite simply using XHTML and CSS 2.0. Each of the pages actually has a different flash header.

11. Safe2Drive Defensive Driving


A clean and professional white and blue driving school website, this design is very pleasing to the eyes and all of the services and information are well-organized.

12. Online Arizona Defensive Driving


The homepage has vibrant graphics and 3 tables of information, FAQs and a “get started” one. If you want a colorful yet professional driving school web design then don’t forget to add this to your list.

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