10+ Gorgeous Examples Of Flat Web Design

Flat design seems to be the next big thing in the ever changing world of web design. It is gaining fast and strong support in various aspects because of its impressive appearance and advantages.

Flat design is known because of its simplicity and classy look. It does not need textures, gradients, and drop shadows – which are common elements of a typical web design – to make a statement. Though it was just a recent trend that more and more web designers are turning to flat design, the truth is flat design concept had been here for many years now.

If you’re still not familiar with flat design, I have gathered 6 examples of this design type. Of course, even if you’re already familiar with flat design, check out our collection to gain new insight and inspiration.

1. Buffalo

Built By Buffalo

Buffalo is a website that uses flat design. They have elegantly mixed blue and white color. The website showcases a beautiful small box of pictures as part of their portfolio.

2. Metro Twit

Metro Twit

Check out this website as they present Twitter in a new light. Metro Twit is basically a part of a bigger metro-styling web projects. Most Metro Twit is created for Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 8 Pro.

3. EtchApps

Etch Apps

What more can I say? This website has it going when it comes to flat design. Dominated by black color, Etch is the simplified version of white against black background. They made a great job of making flat design even more irresistible for others to make a switch in design.

4. Profound Grid

Profound Grid

Who says style should be complex to make things more creative? Here in profound Grid, flat design is simply amazingly laid out.

5. Float Design

Float Design

Box, box, and more boxes. Float makes their website compact and full by laying out geometrical shapes containing text and photos.

6. Fit Bit

Fit Bit

When talking about flat design, we must not miss Fit Bit! Once you visit their website, you will soon realize that they are one of the perfect epitomes of flat design.

7. Lorenzo Verzini

Lorenzo Verzini

8. Triplagent

I’m in love with the site’s atmosphere, the color combination and most especially, the typography choices. Just plain perfect!

Tripla Gent

9. Design Zoom

Design Zoom

10. Envato

I’ve been a fan of envato. Check out their fresh new layout design! I’m loving it! Different colours per page 🙂


11. Cole Town Send

Cole Town Send

Here are the beautiful, impressive, and awesome flat designs. You can explore more about flat design and its advantages through the Internet. Of course, flat design may present some challenges to some people who are looking for more variability in websites. Thus, it is always best to explore different types of web design concepts. Nevertheless, flat design is still one of the best designs out there!

If you have more examples in mind or share with our readers, feel free to drop some comments below.

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