12 excellent sites to create an online portfolio

In this very competitive industry, you need to learn how to be ahead of the game. As a designer, you must know the best way to attract clients that can make it easy for you to have a prolific designing contract. Thankfully, there are tools that you can use online to showcase your work.

Creating your own portfolio online is one of the best ways to market your designs. You can use portfolio websites that allow you to achieve that purpose. These sites don’t require you to be a coding expert to build your own site that showcases your creations. There are several handy sites out there that allow designers to display their work and meet clients who can make work requests.

Here’s a list of the best sites where you can showcase your designs and meet with your potential clients who can give you a lucrative designing contract.

1. Coroflot


Creating your own portfolio using this site is fast and easy. Plus, you won’t have to deal with file uploads restrictions. By networking with other members, you’ll improve your visibility to potential clients. You’ll also receive notifications of any work request, when clients visit your portfolio.

Although this site is a great solution without limited features, there are no options for you to choose a style that fits your design. Nevertheless, Coroflot is a must-use site if you want to reach out to more potential clients.

2. Behance Network


Since the site’s launched in 2006, many designers in the world are using this site to attract more clients. It receives millions of page views per month. With Behance, you can create a dashing portfolio that’s connected with the design community. Through activity feeds, groups and other avenues of this site, your creations will have more chances to be viewed by prospective clients.

3. Dribble


To share screenshots of your own designs, you’ll need to be invited by members of this community who are called “players.” The overall concept of the design is a combination of Pinterest and Twitter. Members or designers can post up to 24 screenshots of their designs in a month. Then, they “follow” and “like” other members’ work.

4. CarbonMade


This site is very simple to use and it doesn’t require you to understand HTML. Thus, you can utilize it without the headache. It supports images, videos and flash. In here, you can upload images of the projects you’ve already created. It’s free to sign up that gives you the chance to upload up to 5 projects. However, if you want more space, you can go with premium account allowing you to upload 50 projects per month and each image can be of high-resolution.

5. Cargo


What’s great with this site is that it lets you create a stunning portfolio with your own URL. Unfortunately, you’ve to be invited in order to join its community. However, you can contact its customer support and share your work with them. If they like your work, they might grant you access to its members-only portal.

6. Flavors


It’s free to sign up for this service. After registering an account, you can immediately create gorgeous sites in minutes. It has several beautiful layouts that you can use to help you showcase your work. You can customize them to fit your own needs.

7. ThemeForest


This is another great site where you can display your designs in front of potential clients. ThemeForest is an ideal place for you if you’ve templates for WordPress and other popular content management systems. But you need to be knowledgeable with WordPress and HTML templates.

8. Krop


Many top designers in the world use this site to promote their designs because major companies are also utilizing its tools in finding talented candidates who can give them the best designs.

9. DeviantArt


Are you into 3D graphics or fantasy art? Then DeviantArt can give you the best tools to showcase your talent. With this site, you’ll be able to use your personal URL. Although it’s a free service, you don’t have to share your space with other members of the community.

10. 1x


Creating an account with 1X is free. This is ideal for photographers who want simple, clean site to showcase their photos. The featured photos found on its home page were handpicked by the site’s professional curator. If you’ve exceptional photos, then it’s a perfect site for you to connect with other people with the same caliber of work as yours.

11. Dunnked


Dunked is an easy way to publish your own work. If you don’t have the time to learn about coding, then this is the perfect choice for you as it doesn’t require its members to learn coding to create their online portfolio. It lets you upload images and embed video/audio.

12. Flickr


Its free account lets you use its free terabyte storage space. Yes, that’s massive. With that space, you’ll be able to share more than 500,000 photos in high quality. And if you have your own site, you can embed your Flickr account into your personal site.

Although these sites have all the necessary tools to share your own pieces of work, you have to market your portfolio by looking into other members’ designs and liking them. It’s the best way to enhance the number of viewers.

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