10+ Best Experiential Marketing Agencies in Toronto (Ontario)

It takes skill to bridge digital touchpoints and encourage the audience to act accordingly in real life. This is where businesses get lost sometimes because they have a huge following but no traction offline, especially for companies that encourage foot traffic like those in service industries. With the rise of the digital landscape, it’s crucial to not only establish an online presence but also connect this to real-life. Worry no more because these ten best experiential marketing agencies in Toronto are sure to help you with this. Go through each and find the one that speaks right to your brand.

Best Experiential Marketing Agencies in Toronto

1.Brand Glow Up

Photo from Bellamy Loft – A client of Brand Glow Up.

Making people fall in love with your brand is not an easy job, but Brand Glow Up makes it smooth. They offer extensive services for brands of all sizes – big or small. Truly reliable, you may check out their portfolio and be in awe with their graceful and sophisticated take on visuals. It’s not hard to fall in love with their aesthetics because they understand what appeals more to the audience. Besides this, their experience for over 14 years brings more value to the table.

2.Fuse Create

Fuse Create Event and Public Relations

Photo from Cholula – A client of Fuse Create.

One thing that’s remarkable with Fuse Create is that they turn heads. They offer comprehensive experiential marketing strategies you can work with in line with your goals. From events to partnerships, they even go further to providing support. Their team ensures that each customer gets a memorable and smooth experience with your brand.

3.Taylor Inc.

Nike Experiential Pop Up by Taylor Inc

Photo from Nike – A client of Taylor Inc.

With its portfolio full of collaboration with known brands, Taylor Inc. has truly built quite a reputation in the industry. With a branch in Toronto, you can easily avail of their expertise without going the distance. From small experiential strategies to huge ones, they assure you that they’ll be aligned with your goals and you get the most out of the collaboration.

4.Good Kids

Good Kids Experiential Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Photo from Converse – A client of Good Kids.

Don’t get confused. Good Kids do not only cater to children brands, but rather they had clients from almost any niche. They also gained the trust of several known brands in the past. They view the world as their playground and unleash the inner kids inside the team members. This, of course, encourages out-of-the-box ideas that are indeed limitless.

  • website: www.goodkids.ca/
  • location: 1545 Dundas Street West Toronto Ontario M6K1T6

5.Astound Group

Astound Pop-Up Experience

Photo from Up Cannabis – A client of Astound Group.

Astound Group is no doubt one of the best experiential marketing agencies in Toronto. They are able to collaborate with many brands on various experiential strategies that are done to encourage engagement between brands and customers. Truly successful in leaving their mark in each participant on the activities they conceptualized, they too surely impressed their clients with the project’s success.

6.Tigris Events Inc.

Tigris Events Inc Experiential Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Photo from Cavendish Farms – A client of Tigris Events Inc.

By their company name, you already know what they specialize in. Tigris Events Inc focuses on experiential marketing that boosts awareness and generates interest at the same time. They are multi-award-winning creative agencies not only in Toronto but in the whole of Canada. Priding themselves with their extensive portfolio, you may browse through their website to learn more about them.

7.Simon Pure

Simon Pure Walt Disney Canada Experiential Marketing

Photo from Walt Disney Canada – A client of Simon Pure.

One of the leading experiential marketing agencies in Toronto, Simon Pure, has truly proved they have a high standard in whatever project they work with. Their previous clients are more than happy to share their success story and how great the team behind the company is. They can work in whatever work condition – be it tight deadlines. They still managed not only to meet what was expected of them but instead, they further exceeded this.

8.Reef Agency

Reef Agency Activation in Supermarket

Photo from Unbun Foods – A client of Reef Agency.

Reef Agency is a full-service creative and branding agency that offers comprehensive service that includes experiential marketing. The company was established in 2005. They continue to grow further through the successful projects they took part in and are now taking on. To make things even more impressive, they actually have more than 300 happy clients throughout their run.

8.XMC Marketing

XMC Experiential Marketing

Photo from Fernie Alpine Resort – A client of XMC Marketing.

Another reliable experiential marketing company in Toronto, XMC Marketing actually had its methodology and processes trademarked. With this in mind, you are ensured that said process they use and follow in each project is foolproof. Incorporating sponsorship, experience and analytics, each project with them is backed by data and is also results-oriented.

  • website: xmc.ca/
  • email: info@xmc.ca
  • location: 49 Bathurst Street, Suite 101 Toronto, Ontario M5V 2P2

9.Vibrant Marketing

Vibrant Marketing Client Diageo

Photo from Diageo – A client of Vibrant Marketing.

It’s not a conversation starter is it’s not vibrant, and this company knows that by heart. Vibrant Marketing ensures their projects bring traction and is aligned according to their client’s goals. They ensure to deliver quality events or activations tailored for each niche. Representing big brands in Canada, you are sure that they’re one of the best, and your brand will get the best as well.

10.Fervent Events

The Waterfront BIA

Photo from The Waterfront BIA – A client of Fervent Events.

Outright telling you that their service is 15% less than the typical market rates, the quality of service Fervent Events provides is still in the top-tier. They work on whatever you have but make sure that it is directed to help you reach your brand goals. From small to big events, this company got you. Local brands – big or small trust them – so you have nothing to worry about!

In a competitive business landscape, partnering with experiential marketing agencies in Toronto can bring your brand to life that  lead to long-term success. Otherwise effective marketing strategies are essential for companies to stand out from the crowd. One powerful tool that businesses can utilize is custom promotional products. These unique and branded items offer a tangible way to engage with customers and leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s custom keychains, enamel pins, or water bottles, promotional products serve as a constant reminder of your brand, keeping it at the forefront of customers’ minds. By incorporating custom promotional products intoyour marketing campaigns, you not only increase brand visibility but also create a sense ofloyalty and appreciation among your target audience.


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