25 Best Experiential Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Experiential marketing is offered to brands that want to establish a connection to their audience by using experiences and stories. This strategy is also referred to as live marketing or engagement marketing. It is an interactive way of introducing your brand to your demographics that could exponentially lead to market expansion and revenue growth.

However, pulling off experiential marketing has its cons. Failure to capture your audiences’ imagination and interest can lead to lower returns. That’s why it’s essential to know which agencies are most reliable when it comes to this strategy. Check out our list of 25 best experiential marketing agencies in Toronto that services GTA and other areas in Ontario that can help you.

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up - Web Design Interior Designers
Brand Glow Up is a full-service digital company that provides complex solutions when it comes to marketing a brand. With their expertise, you can ditch the boring approach to marketing and branding and go for a more effective and engaging one. This agency has a team of diversely talented and committed individuals that will be collaborating with you every step of the way.

2. Tigris Events

Tigris' experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is often done through live events. And lucky you, Tigris Events has been pulling off this type of approach for countless brands. This company has a team of experienced event planners that has an in-depth understanding of building connections beyond strategies.

3. Blue Flamingo Solutions Inc.

Building rapport among the audience goes beyond creativity and design. It goes down to the foundation of your brand. Blue Flamingo Solutions Inc. is one of the experiential marketing agencies that have the dedication and skills to successfully pull off this technique.

  • website: www.blueflamingo.ca
    address: 21 Kodiak Crescent Suite #200, North York, ON M3J 3E5, Canada

4. Skylar Media Group


For marketing strategies that are outside the box, Skylar Media has got you covered. This company offers nothing short of extraordinary. They take pride in their reputable clientele base so opting for engagement marketing solutions could never lead you wrong.

5. Blake Jarrett & Company Inc

Blake Jarett

Blake Jarrett & Company Inc. has a vast knowledge of how quickly a demographic changes its interaction to a specific brand or industry. For this reason, this engagement marketing specializes in technological industries. Providing self-manufactured retails displays that you often see on electronic stores is what you can rely on.

6. XMC Marketing

XMC experiential marketing strategiesDespite our current situation, you can still provide your target audience the product experience they deserve. With XMC Marketing’s innovative solutions, you can give a practical yet effective experiential marketing strategy that could lead to national activation.

  • website: www.xmc.ca
  • address: 49 Bathurst St #101, Toronto, ON M5V 2P2, Canada

7. FUSE Create

Spark the consumers’ interest and trigger their purchasing moment. Fuse Create is going to make your brand memorable and distinct from its competitors. This company has mastered the art of creating relatable marketing strategies that involve interaction that will definitely result in conversion rates.

8. Fervent Events

Enjoy the moment when the numbers start to pour in with Fervent Events’ effect experiential marketing strategies. This company would collaborate and incorporate your vision with its non-traditional marketing methods leading to fantastic figures.

9. Brand Culture Marketing

Brand Culture Marketing has been in the industry for 20 years. So it’s no surprise that they have been delivering incredible service to boost brands, increase their engagement, and ultimately, grow their revenue.

  • website: www.brandculture.ca
  • address: 5250 Satellite Dr unit 14, Mississauga, ON L4W 5G5, Canada

10. Urban Bella (UB) Marketing Inc.

UBUrban Bella can pull off the seemingly impossible marketing skit you are envisioning. Be it a live engagement or a virtual one, this team of passionate and highly-skilled professionals will help you build deeper connections between your target consumers.

  • website: www.urbanbella.ca
  • address:  110 Cumberland St #277, Toronto, ON M5R 3V5, Canada

11. Jam Van Inc

Jam Van Inc. is an experiential marketing company that pioneered automotive experiences in Canada. This agency has a niche for geo-target consumers to ignite their imagination with their customized tools.

  • website: www.jamvan.com
  • address: 18 Widmer St, Toronto, ON M5V 2E7, Canada

12. Ramp Communications Inc.

Make an impactful introduction and make your audience feel your brand’s presence with Ramp Communications Inc.’s great expertise in organizing engagement marketing strategies. This company has a team of creative masterminds and tech-minded people, so your brand is surely in good hands.

  • website: www.ramp.agency
  • address: 1135 Dundas St E Suite 200, Toronto, ON M4M 1R9, Canada

13. Hypitch Marketing

Hypitch Marketing takes pride in the abundant knowledge they have in experiential marketing. This team takes the time to fully understand your brand and its culture, your target market, and the distinctive vision you have. As a result, you will witness the most effective solution to meet your goals.

14. The Influence Agency

The Influence Agency understands how impactful an online influencer has. They know how to hook your demographics by creating relatable content that would result in product engagement. As a result, your brand’s message can reach the boost and reach it deserves.

15. Substance Group

SG experiential marketing companySubstance Group creates and executes marketing campaigns that have proven effective. Their services include customization of experience, digital and conferencing. In addition, talent acquisition, activation, data collection, KPI management, and letting the consumers experience the design.

16. Lumency

Lumency is a marketing experientaial agency that has evidence base strategy in effectively reaching your market. This team has firm knowledge of how the brand’s values can be translated into a consumer connection. Having a sound strategy is going to make it a success and they will help you achieve that.

  • website: www.lumency.co
  • address: 300-184 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 4N3, Canada

17. Engage Advertising

In a world where everything is almost digital, consumers will always feel excited to experience real experiences. Engage Advertising that has mastered both digital and face-to-face engagement with the audience. Thereby, resulting in successful brand campaigns and market expansion.

  • website: www.engage.ca
  • address: 255 Glenlake Ave #615, Toronto, ON M6P 1G2, Canada

18. Peersway Marketing Ltd

Seamlessly scale your marketing techniques with Peersway Marketing Ltd. This company will do the lifting for your brand through sourcing social media influencers and creating content. As a result, you will surely feel the growth you’ve been trying to achieve.

  • website: www.peersway.com
  • address: 229 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M6J 2L5, Canada

19. Havas Canada

Transform your brand and reach height beyond expectations with Havas Canada. This collaborative company works to achieve the same level of efficiency to achieve a meaningful experience for both brands and consumers. Truly, one of the experiential marketing agencies you can rely on.

  • website: www.ca.havas.com
  • address: 473 Adelaide St W Suite #300, Toronto, ON M5V 1T1, Canada

20. Proof Experiences

Proof ExperiencesProof Experiences creates a hybrid of virtual and at-home sampling to give consumers an immersive brand experience. They campaigns that safely engage with consumers. Consequently, deliver the results you need. Truly, one of the best experiential marketing agencies you can find in Toronto!

21. Reef Agency

Reef Agency has a team of creatives and techs that will help yo attain an interactive virtual experience. Development and execution is their jam. For this reason, expect to witness an end-to-end solutions. This company will create the most impactful and refined strategies to successfully elevate your brand from competitors.

22. MouseXM Marketing Inc

MouseXM is marketing agency that connects people with the brand though consumer-centric marketing strategies. More importantly, they strive to build deeper connections between brands and consumers to effectively infiltrate the market. Certainly, a marketing powerhouse that utilizes campaigns in meaningful ways.

23. Diamond Marketing Group

Diamond experiential marketingDiamond Marketing Group has a team of experienced masterminds and content creators. In addition, their approach to marketing is culturally inspired and fueled by incredible ideas with consumers as its core foundation.

24. Idea Rebel – Digital Agency

Looking for a company to help you pull off that bold idea? Idea Rebel is a digital agency that will help you step by step in achieving the solutions and results you need. This team is known to bring compelling visions to reality that successfully generates numbers and growth.

25. Art & Science Digital Experience Design

Art & Science Digital Experience Design stays true their brand. Firstly, they provide effective insights to engage and activate your consumers. Secondly, their strategies include using both art and science to amplify your brand’s customer acquisition. Truly, a experiential marketing agency unlike any other.

  • website: www.artscience.ca
  • address: 119 Spadina Ave. Suite 800, Toronto, ON M5V 2L1, Canada

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