15 Eye-catching Sites With Large Photos As Background

A certain photo can be used as a background for a website. It can provide an impressive visual impact making the site more attractive. If you’re planning to use this style to your own website, you’ll have to know the different variables, like depth of focus, field, etc.

In this article, you’ll find a list of beautifully designed websites that use a photo as a background. From this list, you can get some ideas on how to use this style to your own project. You’ll also find out how a photo can impact your site’s attractiveness and how to properly implement them to your site.

1. Studio Airport


The layout is very fashionable and trendy. The background photos are enough to explain what the company does.

2. Range Rover Evoque


The background can get you excited about what this special edition of Range Rover’s Evoque can offer. It increases your desire of owning this vehicle.

3. The Amazing Spiderman


The view in the background tempts the visitors to watch or play Spiderman over and over again. The large background gives you the feeling of excitement to become the next Spiderman.

4. Vismap Cucine


The background describes a lot about the company and the type of service it offers to its clients. The picture changes according to the option you’ve chosen.

5. Nulab


As cool as the company is, the background image is isn’t only attractive but it’s also intriguing. But you can be sure that it has something to do with being fun and creative, which is the company’s mission.

6. Weare Royale


The different photos in the background give you that intriguing feeling to get to know more about the site – what it does and how you can benefit from it. The photos chosen are truly catchy.

7. Werkstette


The design is indeed unique. It involves sliding elements and a variety of photos in the homepage that showcase the previous projects of the company.

8. Days With My Father


Admit it. The background makes you think about your own father or grandfather. The photos of the author’s father are emotionally appealing giving you more reasons to know what the book is all about.

9. Intel and Windows


The large photo of Africa matches the overall goal of the site that gives away an ultrabook and a trip to an ultimate holiday destination – Africa.

10. Shoot And Develop


With the photo you see, you can’t help yourself but be impressed. It has great concept and the color schemes go well with the overall design.

11. Farmhouse Fare


It’s very tempting to your stomach. The photos offer gastronomic appeal to anyone who visits the site. The customized buttons make this site more appealing to the eyes (and mouth).

12. The Whig


This is another example of how large photos about your products/services can provide visual impact to your audience. The background images are attention catching that make you want to scroll down to get to know more about the bar and visit its physical location.

13. Food Studio


The background photo is an excellent composition. The template and typography are just right for the site’s goal. Each element delivers the main objective of the site.

14. Ringvemedia


The amazing background makes you want to go to the city that never sleeps – Shanghai, China. It uses minimal typography. Instead, it concentrates on the site’s objectives.

15. Worth and Worth


The creativity and uniqueness of the developer is reflected on the site’s design. The photos, color schemes, and various elements are a perfect match. The template and the concept are amazing enough to check this site out.

These and other examples of sites that use large photo are pieces of evidence that one or more photos can make the site more appealing to the visitors’ eyes. It makes the site not only interesting but also unique. However, if you do use this style, you have to test it out first. Keep in mind that a large photo can slow down the loading time of your site. Although it makes your site stand out, you have to use it carefully.

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