10+ Best Eyelash Business Website Design Examples & Inspirations

Attract more clients through a well-designed website that communicate clearly the business. Furthermore, you can also implement various plug-ins such as appointment settings, blog sections, live chat, and others. To give you a further idea, here are 10+ Best Eyelash Business Website Design Examples & Inspirations that you can check out.

10+ Best Eyelash Business Website Design Examples & Inspirations

1. Wink and Wave

Wink Wave Eyelash Business Website Design Examples

With a minimalist and easy-to-navigate website design, Wink and Wave worked on communicating their brand personality through the choice of fonts, colours, and copy tone. They have a navigational bar on top that allows clients to easily browse through pages and discover what solutions they need best. Furthermore, they have a good lead statement that clearly states what makes their brand stand out. Not only that, but they also added call-to-action buttons.

2. Flirty Flutters

Flirty Flutters is another good website you can explore. They have a service-driven website that showcases their winning client moments with stunning eyelashes. With that, this helps them easily establish what they can do and show customers that they are a good choice. Their copy is also well-written, championing their impressive track record.

3. The Lash Pro

The Lash Pro Eyelash Business Website Design Examples

Keeping the website short and simple, The Lash Pro is another good eyelash business website design example you can consider. Their website is sleek and minimal — highlighting stunning images of beautiful women that aligns with what services and objective they have. Call-to-action buttons are also implemented to encourage conversion through each section.

4. Beauty Room

Beauty Room wows us with its straightforward website and empowering web copy — as if you’re talking to a good friend who uplifts you and wants the best for you. Scrolling further, they included sections with a service list and video clips of the business. They also added a plug-in to showcase their Instagram posts in case the client would want to follow them for real-time updates.

5. Lash pro

Lash Pro Eyelash Business Website Design Examples

True eyelash business professional, Lash Pro has a sophisticated website that’s dominant with a pink overall tone. Within the landing page, they added media mentions and awards they received to further reinforce their credibility in the business. Moreover, sections are added to list their services and running promos that can help with conversion. They added a checkout plug-in and booking option online to secure purchases immediately.

6. Winks Eyelash Boutique

Winks Eyelash Boutique is one of the best eyelash business website design examples you can check out and learn from. Besides their navigational bar, they also included their address and contact details on top for easier reference in case clients would want to drop by. With output-centric content, they added photos of their clients with wonderful lashes. They added sections that communicate what the business is about and the services they offer.

7. N15 Salon

N15 Salon

Sophisticated and with a Japanese influence, N15 Salon has a minimal yet impactful website design. They included a graphic image showcasing their branch and the brand’s mission and perks of booking an appointment with them. To further convert, they also incorporated call-to-action buttons to nudge the visitor to take favourable action towards the brand.

8. The Lash Collective

The Lash Collective kept it neat and simple on their website. They focused on short and easy-to-read copy that communicates the services and business details. Furthermore, they added different pages that can help the client to navigate and look for what they need. Contact details are also added on the website banner and footer too.

9. YK Beauty Bar

YK Beauty Bar

Looking for something dainty, YK Beauty Bar is what you’re looking for! They used a soft muted monotonous Pantone with purple which was paired with white to give off a soothing vibe. Besides this, they added testimonials to further establish them as a reliable business in terms of eyelash beauty services. Chat plug-in is also implemented for easy communication in case there are queries.

10. Balanced Beaute

Balanced Beaute is a good eyelash business website you can explore. They have a sunkissed, beach-vibe website that highlights what services they offer and how these can help them be better versions of themselves. At the same time, they also listed other services they offer that clients might consider too. FAQs and opt-in contact forms are also added to handle potential objections and easily touch base with the client.


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