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Ezoic Review

Ezoic is among the most popular website optimization platform that helps website owners to optimize the functionality of their website to increase their ad revenue.

In fact, they are a Google Certified Publishing Partners.

Dwayne Lafleur is the founder of Ezoic. He is also the former CEO and founder of Cubics, the first Facebook advertising network.

Because of the realization that most web owners do not have the right resources to accurately analyze, test and improve their websites, he decided to create Ezoic.

I’ve been using them for several weeks now and my daily earnings is almost the same or even higher on some days as my daily earnings on Google Adsense itself.


Here’s a summary of how it works:

  • Ezoic needs to approve your website before you can use them. Once you’re approved, you will be automatically signed up for Ezoic’s ad partners (including Google’s premium network of CPM ads).
  • You will start creating your ads, then Ezoic ad partners will start showing up on your website.
  • They will test and track your performance. This way, you’ll be able to determine which ad unit, layout, position or location works best for you.

Ezoic Review

Ezoic’s Awesome Features

There are different powerful and wonderful features that Ezoic has to offer. These are the following:

  • Ad testing – through ad testing, you will be able to identify the best ways of placing ads across your online platform, increasing your income, and ensuring your ads are not causing a negative experience to your users. Ad testing includes identifying the right position, color, size, number, and timing of your ads. Ezoic Ad Tester
  • Mobile and tablet layout – a great number of Internet users go online through their mobile devices. Ezoic recognizes that your ads should appear on tablets and smartphones in a seamless and perfect manner.
  • Layout testing – Ezoic’s system continually tests different layouts. It will measure important user metrics (time on site, page views per visit & bounce rate) and automatically choose the ones that best maximize user experience.

Tips on How To Maximize Your Ezoic Earnings

  • Use lots of ad units. For best results, you should place ads as many as possibly you can. Depending on the content length. I use about 5 units per page and I get high results. The more units, the better.
  • Use all the available “Location of Ad” options. Since Ezoic’s Ad Tester won’t show more than 1 ad for each “Location of Ad”, it’s important that you have at least 1 ad unit for each “Location of Ad” option. Ezoic Ad Location
  • Choose multiple ad sizes. Choose as many ad sizes as you think will fit in each ad unit even if you don’t think they will work. Ezoic’s system will do the work for you and find the units that works best for each scenario. Just make sure that each page of the site has ads in different positions. For example, if you add a unit on your sidebar, do not add another one again. Try to add in other locations such as header, mid content, etc. Ezoic Ad Units
  • Enable Mobile Anchor Ads. This is a type of ad that stick to the bottom of mobile devices which can boost your earnings from mobile devices without annoying your website visitors.
  • Create Mobile Ad Units. As of 2015, worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration was 7%, therefore mobile ad units matter! Turn on “Mobile” to enable mobile ad units. Make sure to select all the units available on the “Mobile” part. Ezoic Mobile Ads

How To Install Ezoic on your Website

Installing and integrating Ezoic on your website is very easy. All you have to do is to carefully follow the right steps.

Step 1: Create Ezoic account

Click this link, create an account, and get started. After having an Ezoic account, you will now have an access to the setup wizard on your dashboard.

In the setup wizard, there are three steps that will appear; Integrate Your Site, Setup Ad Testing, and Turn on Ad Testing. Each of these steps will help you track your progress.

Step 2: Integrate your website

Testing ads and optimizing your website’s layout can only be done if you have your website integrated with Ezoic. There are different ways to integrate with Ezoic. These are the following:

  • Modify your nameservers
  • CloudFlare
  • JavaScript in your header

All of these methods are reversible. So in case you don’t like the result, you can always go back and use another one. For more information about Ezoic Integration, please click this link.

Step 3: Setup Ad Testing

After integrating your site, go back to the setup wizard and click the Setup Ad Testing. This will lead you to a new page that will specify the next steps on your installation.

The steps include:

  • Placing the script in the head area of your website.
  • Identify and replace the existing ads on your website so they can be tested.

The setup wizard is a user-friendly guide. So all you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned by the setup wizard.

Step 4: Turn on Ad Testing

You can choose which ad will be shown on your website or not. You can also specify whether it should be shown on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Just toggle the on and off button. Green means on and grey means off.

Step 5: Install the Ezoic Chrome Extension

To easily manage your Ezoic account, you can add the Ezoic extension on your Chrome web browser. Having the Ezoic Chrome extension will allow you to effortlessly preview your ad units.

Step 6: Wait for the result

The result of ad testing may take couple of weeks, depending upon the number of ad combinations. Patience is the key here. Testing all the ads will really take time since Ezoic have to gather real data and information to be analyzed.


Almost all the customers who have used Ezoic had an increase in their revenue of up to 50%. Some even gained higher percentage. Poor placement of ads will prevent your website from really improving its performance and even turning-off users. Therefore, try Ezoic today and see where it will take your business.

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