Why Was My Facebook Fanpage Deleted?

There are a couple of reasons why your fanpage got wiped out in the social network. Here’s a list of commonly broken Facebook rules that endangers your Facebook fanpage:

  1. Fanpage name – Your fanpage’s name must be a true representation of your business. If you are offering tea products, your fanpage’s name should reflect what your company is selling. For instance, you can name your fanpage “Mightea”. It must not contain excess punctuations, generic names, character symbols, bullet points and trademark symbols. In addition, your fanpage name must not have too much capitalizations except If your company’s name is an acronym.
  2. Cover photo – You must carefully create a cover photo for your fanpage that does not violate the terms of Facebook. It must not include your contact details such as website address, email address, and any other contact information. You may use your About box and Page info for these business details. Also, you can’t include prices or pricing information such as “Grab our latest product at 70% off the price”. Utilizing user interface element is also prohibited. Lastly, you can’t use an image that is misleading, deceptive and you don’t own.
  3. Follow promotion rules – Except for liking, checking in or connecting to your app, you are not to use any Facebook feature or functionality as part of promotion. Using the liking button as a way of voting is also not permitted. Remember to include a disclaimer that liberates Facebook of any responsibility in your promotional activity. Additionally, you can’t notify winners via Facebook. Don’t use Facebook chat, message, or post on the user’s wall to inform winners. Wall promotions that include any of the following are prohibited: share this, upload a photo or video, add a comment, invite fans to like your page, answer this question or photo with the most likes.
  4. Facebook ads – Read through Facebook’s advertising guidelines to make sure you are not violating any of it. Simply click this link to view the guidelines-> www.facebook.com/ad_guidelines.php
  5. Data collection – When collecting data such as content or information from the social network, you must clarify that you are obtaining the data and not Facebook. Get users’ consent and inform them how these information will be utilized. Include a link of your own privacy policy or terms and conditions.

Here are some tips on what you can do after your Facebook fanpage got deleted:

  1. Make an appeal – After receiving an email notification about your deleted fanpage, you’ll also receive a form that lets you appeal the action. With the right appeal, there’s a chance that you can recover your fanpage.
  2. Stop advertising in your page – Immediately after your fanpage is deleted, make certain to stop any of the ads running in your page. This may cost you a fortune if you take this for granted.
  3. Make a petition – By telling the story about your deleted fanpage and making your followers spread this story, you might actually get your fanpage back.
  4. Set-up a new one – Building a new fanpage is probably the most difficult thing to do but this will definitely solve your problem.

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