Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Let me guess… You’re also a Facebook addict aren’t you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you answered yes.

If you’re like me, then you probably also spend countless hours on Facebook checking out what’s up with your friends or the communities that you’re following.

As one Facebook addict to another, allow me to share with you some tips about how to use Facebook in a more efficient way.

What am I talking about..? Keyboard shortcuts!

If in case you didn’t know, Facebook has keyboard shortcuts to help you manage your way around the fastest and easiest way.

But before I start telling you the shortcuts, you need to take note of your modifier keys first. Modifier keys are based on your browser and the type of OS you’re using.

  1. Windows and IE → Alt
  2. Windows and Chrome → Alt
  3. Windows and Firefox → Alt + Shift
  4. OSX and Firefox → Function + ctrl
  5. OSX + other → Option Ctrl

Once you’ve determined which modifier keys you should be using based on your browser and OS, you then have to combine the modifier and the keys I’ll be sharing below.

For a Windows user with a Chrome browser, you need to do alt + m to open a new message box.

Here are the keys…

  1. M → This used to open “new message”

  2. ? → Your cursor goes to the Facebook Search box
  3. 1 → Home
  4. 2 → Your profile page
  5. 3 → Friend request
  6. 4 → Messages
  7. 5 → Notifications
  8. 6 → Your account settings
  9. 7 → Your privacy settings
  10. 8 → Go to the Facebook page
  11. 9 → Facebook’s statements and rights engagement
  12. 0 → Facebook help center

As an important note, you can’t use your number pad since it won’t work for the keys. You need to press the numbers on the top portion of your keyboard.

If you have tips and tricks that you use when managing your Facebook profile, I urge you to share it so as to help more people with Facebook.

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