Facebook Launches Photo Comment

Facebook never stops to amuse – or annoy us – every time they announce something new in this giant social networking site. Thankfully, from my personal standpoint, Facebook amazes me this time.

I’m talking about the new feature Facebook announces – photo comment! Yes, you are not limited to comment with words now, but with photos. This is the perfect epitome of the old adage, “A picture paints a thousand words”.

The idea of photo comments started during the hackathon event and now it is going viral globally. Initially, photo comment is only limited to desktop computers and laptops, though photo comments can be viewed using a mobile device.

That does not stop there as Facebook developers eventually extend the reach of photo commenting through mobile phones. IOS and Android are not the only one who can enjoy photo commenting, but also other smartphone OS programs.

Benefits of photo comments

The benefits of photo comment are very obvious. You are not limited with the use of words and have a hard time describing something. But instead, you can simply let a photo do the talking. In addition to posting a photo in your status bar, you can also do this while commenting to other people’s comment. Because of this, there is a new way people can start and maintain conversation.

For social marketers, photo comment also opened a new opportunity to perform internet marketing. People are visually stimulated and with photo comment, social marketers will be able to engage potential and real customers.

How to perform photo comment

This is very easy and I am sure you will get the hang of it in the fastest way.

Obviously, you need to log into your Facebook account. Choose a post where you want to comment.

Look for the tab where it says: “Write a comment…” When you found it, look at the right side and you’ll find the camera icon. Click that icon and you will be asked to attach a photo. Choose a photo from your computer then wait for the photo to upload, and then press Enter! You also have the option to add additional comment with your photo comment.

When using a mobile device, the process is almost the same. You just have to find the photo icon beside the text box, tap that and choose a photo to serve as your comment. You can use a saved photo in your device or a freshly taken shot through your phone.

Of course, the resolution of the image may be blurred or distorted because of the difference of screen resolution in mobile devices but this is better than nothing, right?

That’s it! You just made your first photo comment.

Share this news with your friends and I am sure they will love it like the way you do. I know you have something to say about this latest development in Facebook. So leave a comment below.

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