10+ Best Family Law Website Examples & Inspirations

Creating a website for law firms can be pretty tricky but rest assured that there’s still hope. Highlight your speciality through sections on the landing page to encourage potential leads needing legal advice. For inspiration, we put together these 10+ Best Family Law Website Examples you can check and learn from how to improve the overall website.

10+ Best Family Law Website Examples & Inspirations

1. Arami Law, Inc

Arami Family Law Firm Website Examples

Modern and professional, Arami Law, Inc steps away from the usual website design. They focused on having fewer details to allow potential clients to focus on what they needed to know. Furthermore, the use of their team photo help introduce them to the site visitor and encourage them to warm up to the team. Scrolling further, call-to-action buttons are placed in each section to boost favourable conversion of potential leads.

2. Vogel Lawyers

Vogel Lawyers is one of the best family law website examples that focus on highlighting the track record of their law firm through a succinct copy on their website. Not only that, but they also implemented a simple website but instead of scrolling down, they made use of a carousel and added helpful headline triggers that may appeal to the audience and encourage them to touch base with the law firm.

3. Heather Robertson Law

Heather Robertson Family Law Firm Website Examples

With a professional website highlighting a family — Heather Robertson Law sure intends to impress and easily communicate what services they cater and cases they help. Moreover, they also disclosed a rate overview to manage the expectations of their clients. Icons were also used in their copy to use association and capture the attention of audiences who are more prone to skim.

4. Morris Sockle

Modern and a bit youthful through their choice of bright colours for accents on their website. Morris Sockle is well-represented and added as stars of the firm — this is to showcase and introduce the team to build rapport with the potential client. Furthermore, they highlighted their years of experience and excellence in the industry. At the same time, they also included media and publication partners to help with establishing their credibility.

5. Tracy Law

Cynthia Tracy Family Law Firm Website Examples

Spotlighting Cynthia Tracy, the attorney behind Tracy Law, she helps women who are looking for advice regarding divorce and other family law concerns. Her website communicates her commitment and her track record which is emphasized through call-to-action buttons directing to dedicated pages on each. A chat plug-in was also added to encourage real-time conversion.

6. Modern Law

Traditional but professional, Modern Law has a website with dark elements and also expresses its copy in a more serious tone. They added sections that discuss the cases they handle and how their team can help these potential clients have peace of mind. Besides this, they also have a window prompt that invites site visitors to join their email lists.

7. Rossway Swan

Rossway Swan Family Law Website Examples

Rossway Swan has a stunningly modern website with a video clip media embedded on its landing page. This showcase their team and office behind the scene — how hard working and professional they are. At the same time, adding exposure to their team helps best in building trust with potential clients. Scrolling further, they enumerated the fields they extend their legal expertise with each directed to another page with more information.

8. Lincoln Law Firm

Showcasing puzzle imagery and a well-written headline encouraging potential clients to take charge of their lives again, Lincoln Law Firm is one of the best family law website examples you can check out. They added a brief introduction oto f the firm and the people in it along with their background in the industry. Furthermore, testimonials and adding FAQs section are also helpful in addressing potential inquiries and objections.

9. Women’s Family Lawyers

Women's Divorce Website Example

Women’s Family Lawyers advocate for women and provide legal assistance when in need. They emphasized the locations they cater by adding it on the header along with contact details. Besides these, their awards and acknowledgement from the industry bodies are also showcased within the first part of the landing page.

10. Juco law Firm

Simple in terms of the website and leaning into a minimalist aesthetic, Juco Law Firm ensures that they did not fall short in a display of their expertise. They added sections to highlight their amazing track record and promote what cases they help with. Besides these, forms for contact details along with operational hours and social media accounts are added to the footer to get to know them more.


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