16+ fancy and cursive fonts collection

The number of font faces or styles we’ve come across are so myriad we cannot contain them all in our own personal computers.

Moreover, the different range of collections out there are always evolving, making typography-particular individuals keep on exploring what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not.

Whether it be for your school project, or if you are just simply styling up your brochure, or if you are a web designer, you can never escape using typography to add an extra layer of style and feel to your project.

There are many fonts out there, most of them are grouped according to their style, their applications, and even their sources. Today, I am bringing you a real good collection of my best cursive and fancy fonts that you may also want to keep for future use.

Check out these real fancy, elegant, and cursive fonts that will give you an extra tail for every artwork you produce:

1. Freebooter Script Regular


Check out this first entry we have for this collection. The Freebooter Script actually comes with two styles, that aside from the regular one which we have here, the Alts Regular seemed more like a decorative one rather than the legible one. The Regular style is very readable, is very loose and easy to the eyes, yet can be stylish and decorative as well.

2. Montez Font


The Montez Regular Font is not really a regular font, and though many can safely call the writing as cursive, I’d say it’s a blend of that and calligraphic pen art. The Montez feels more like a spontaneous handwriting, and I love the way the stroke width vary from one stroke to the other. Great for making typographic art with logos for hotels, resorts, casinos, and amusement areas.

3. One Starry Night


No, there’s not really any star in here, except that it makes you feel like you’re in a 5-year-old’s dream. The One Starry Night font looks very youthful, very fancy, yet so clean and consistent throughout its set of characters. If you love making stories for kids, titling and subtitling would be fun with this font style.

4. Blessed Day Font


The new Blessed Day font is not really new at all, but you can enjoy this marvellous style because it’s best more as a decorative element especially when creating artistic titles than being used as a paragraph aesthetic. The font style is also a bit of a classical; you’d love to incorporate such taste if you are into retro designs these days.

5. Girls are weird


I am not declaring here that girls are really weird, but if you dropped yourself into some mythical stories about strange girls who love to shop, then this font suits the best. The font can also be used as an iconic element to your designs, and at first glance, people will immediately recognized there’s something here for little and big girls alike.

6. Xiomara


Pair this font with a pinkish background with no other effects and you’ll surely realize how wonderful this girly font is. The Xiomara is no Japanese origin, but with the name aside, the style of this font is so elegant and alive you’d love to keep it along consistently on all your designs. Great for packaging, books, and even titles.

7. Eutemia I Font

If you love some electronically-generated artefacts inscribed on your projects as an artistic decoration, the Eutemia font gets a lot of ‘dirt’ for you to love. The font is also purely cursive, except that it doesn’t look like a handwriting. Not recommended for use in paragraphs, but for headings, titles, and as a decorative element, you are good to go.

8. The Dreamer


This font is not really intended to be used by day-dreamers, but the style is more likely to be used by those who are into extreme sports and adventures. This cursive font is also not clean in look also, particularly because the pen used for the strokes is more likely a brush rather. Nevertheless, if you wanted a font that fits on a more classic theme, then this should be a good choice after all.

9. Latin Paniquangoisse


Always loving swirls, twirls, and ornaments? Check out this font that should turn your project into a mystical artwork that is organic, very natural, and decorative. Though you cannot always use this font in all your work, you can still maximize its potential aesthetic power if you put it into the right frame.

10. A Yummy Apology


No need to apologize to the author for the use of this font. The A Yummy Apology font’s main feature is the very extensive use of whitespace to complement its narrow-width strokes from start to finish. If you love a very spacious design while wanting to add an extra flair of elegance, then this font should surely keep you up and running without hassle.

11. Sheila


Finally here comes a very sweetly designed font specified for content itself, i.e., for paragraphs, articles, stories, and so on. Though it comes with a cheap cost, having the font style itself is like having a piece of jewel that you wanted to keep for many years to come. The font’s mood is also very serene, peaceful, and nostalgic. If you love doing a greeting card, crafting short stories, and filling up your diaries, then check out this font!

12. Maestro font family


With more than ten styles, you can surely satiate your thirst with this breath-taking font family that is so elegant to wherever it is put on. The Maestro font family is a symbol itself of authority, loyalty, classics, and royalty that you can safely tag as ‘timeless.’ With long tails, consistent strokes, and calligraphic styles, the Maestro is a piece of an art you should not miss.

13. Rainforest font


A great candidate for logos and typeface branding, the Rainforest font is a very unique font that you’ll love to use with both the uppercase and lowercase elements in one go. Available for free and for commercial use as well, this font is something that every designer out there should at least try to look. Also, if you are into making font styles of your own, the Rainforest font is a great inspiration for you start at.

14. LD Cursive Flourish


Coined to be a symbol of ‘casual elegance,’ this font is truly an amazing piece that you can apply limitedly to a little range of art. The look and feel of the font is so classical that you can picture the birth of sciences and philosophies along. If you have ever chanced a very old manuscript that is fished from the ocean, then this font must be the most identical type to revealing hidden messages of the past.

15. Merveille Font


A very simple but stylish font, the art of Lauren Thompson is a great piece to be used on a wide range of purposes. The font style can be used both as a decorative element and as a content property, and using it is so extensible that it is still readable and easy to the eyes no matter the size. Links between each character is also properly aligned that you cannot notice the break even when blown bigger to the eyes. A real fantastic art this font is!

16. Sweeet!


Notice the extra ‘e’ in the name, this is a font that should stir you up in fun more than in romance after all. The font features real curly bodies, and is more likely to be identified with the font used by Walt Disney. Tie it up with a colourful splash of background, and add a little border or stroke, you can surely come up with a very fantastic result in no time!

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