10 Fantastic Textured Web Designs

Textures are versatile. With that in mind, many web designers use them in their projects. These days, they’ve become an integral part of any design because of the depth they offer to any type of websites. However, if you want to use a texture to your own site, then you’ll need to optimize its effects. It doesn’t only increase the effectiveness of your site but it also guides the eyes of your visitors while navigating your site. Plus, it emphasizes the key elements of your design.

Textures are different from patterns. The former are bigger but they don’t repeat. The latter, on the other hand, is small and keeps on repeating. Using textures for your website requires responsibility. Don’t just use them because they look good. They should have a purpose. Before including them, you should weigh the pros and cons.

This list of textured website designs will give you ideas on how to responsibly use textures as part of your design.

1. Jopp

In here, you’ll find textured logo, buttons and icons. They all highlight the important elements of the website, thereby, grabbing the attention of the visitors. The site also has a clean background.

2. Hollister California

The lines and boxes are used to guide the eye of the visitors. Simply put, the textures here are used primarily to separate the contents into logical areas. They enhance the effectiveness of the site.

3. Collins On Pine

The lines and circles help in conveying the message of what the website owner is trying to point out. It doesn’t use a lot of textured details making it more readable. The elements work hand in hand to make this site effective.

4. Tiny Big Studio

The texture used here suits the topic of the site. Each element is tailored to fit the theme, thereby, enhancing the site’s overall message to its users. The boxes enhance the identity of the company.

5. Elaine Fisher

Elaine uses texture to enhance personal branding. Her website would appear to have lack of personality without those textures. The information of her services has been properly laid out with some extras. It offers the wow factor making the site more memorable.

6. Leaders The Conference

It puts a face to the message of the site. It looks very simple but interesting. The visitors would love to scroll down to find out why there’s a face on the home page.

7. Maryland Craft Beer

The textures go perfect with the colors and overall design of the site. They make Maryland Craft Beer’s site look more cohesive. The elements work well with one another. Although it utilizes plenty of textures, the legibility is there. Users can still read the message.

8. Andy German

If Andy used different colors, then the textures would be extremely distracting. Thankfully, he utilized just the right colors to fit. The menus are well-presented. Each texture used has a purpose. It disseminates the information correctly making the content more readable.

9. Bel 50

The textures enhance the images. They make the overall design elegant and amazing creating unique and refined effects. The effects that the designer is trying to achieve have been accomplished, i.e. to provide a site that makes one go to North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois to try the savory waffle sandwiches of Bel 50.

10. Richard Photo Lab

It utilizes several textures but the designer didn’t sacrifice loading time. The overall website design looks professional and up-to-date. It utilizes repeating texture patterns in order to avoid longer loading time, which is great. And the textures used are logical for the design and the services the site provides.

Use this list as your guide to help you create a beautifully-textured website. Whatever texture you use, it must fit your overall design to make it more fulfilling. In this way, your visitors will be fascinated and convinced that you’re great in your field. You don’t know your audience so it’s essential that you please and satisfy them from first glance till the last.

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