16 Lovely And Creative Fashion Bloggers To Follow

In the world of fashion, beauty and uniqueness plays an important role. For fashion enthusiasts, here are some great bloggers you should follow for their creativity and inspirational posts.

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List of Lovely and Creative Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Here is a list of 16 creative fashion bloggers:

1. Keiko Lynn

Hailing from Brooklyn, Keiko Lynn is a 28-year-old fashion designer of her own clothing line, Postlapsaria, and showcases tips, designs, outfits and makeup, and other fashion tips, tutorials, giveaways and events.

2. Song of Style

Song of Style, owned by Aimee Song, offers video tutorials, other than fashion photos, inspirations/tips and giveaways. She was featured on many fashion sites as well.

3. Chriselle Factor

Owned by fashion YouTuber/blogger (former Wardrobe Stylist) Chriselle Lim, this blog features DIY fashion projects, tips and inspirations for fashion enthusiasts. She has more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers.

4. Making Magique

Making Magique is owned by Haleigh Walsworth, a photographer and writer from America. Her works are more of storytelling, fashion, travel and women empowerment.

5. Garance Dore

Garance Dore, a French fashion blogger, started on June 2006. She is a fashion photographer doing video tutorials and features, and an illustration artist who draws her ideas.

6. Carrie (WishWishWish)

Carrie is a 23-year-old London fashion blogger who started 5 years ago, when she was 17. She was featured in Cosmopolitan, The Times, Grazia, Stylist, on TV, and worked for Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci and more.

7. Kimberly (eat.sleep.wear)

Kimberly Pesch, a graphic designer, owns this fashion blog where she posts about fashion inspirations, outfits, art and style, especially modern and clean designs.

8. Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy, from Calabasas, California, offers fashion video tutorials, as well as a shop. She also occasionally posts about her travels and some fashion and beauty tips as well.

9. Kendi Everyday

Kendi is a fashion blogger from McKinney, Texas who also owns a store called bloom (bloom down town). Her blog categories are also categorized by outfit color for easier browsing.

10. Emily (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Emily is a fashion blogger who also does DIY styles, makeup tutorials and tips, and even homemade food recipes and treats. She has a few blog series, such as Ask Emily and Crave or Save (product reviews).

11. Madeline (Uber Chic for Cheap)

Madeline is a fashion blogger and an ultra-saver designer who knows how to ‘find the right deal’. Her blog posts include mostly unique DIY fashion tips and outfits, and a lot of money-saving styles.

12. Alison (Get Your Pretty On)

Alison, a work-from-home mom, is a fashion/style blogger who offers style tips and giveaways. She was featured in many lifestyle sites like Circle of Moms, Lucky Magazine, PopSugar and more.

13. Fashion Toast

Fashion Toast is owned by Rumi Neely, who posts lifestyle and fashion shots for inspiration. Her blog has been up and running since 2008, featuring various photoshoots.

14. Zoella

This fashion blog is owned by Zoe, a 22-year-old fashion writer and enthusiast, and was created in February 2009. She writes reviews of products that she purchased and some fashion tips.

15. Andy (StyleScrapbook)

Andy Torres, a Mexican fashion blogger, started StyleScrapbook 5 years ago, and was featured in various TV media and magazines. She has a ‘lookbook’ category that displays her styles in grid format.

16. Le Blog de Betty

This is a French fashion blog that posts fashion inspiration and tips. It is available in English, Brazilian, Spanish and Italian languages. It even has a lookbook and a shop.

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