10 Best Financial Loss Coaching Websites to Inspire You (2023)

When someone we know goes through a financial crisis, it’s saddening. However, there are these financial loss coaches whose mission is to help these people and guide them to financial independence. There is a lot of financial coaches out there but since money is a tricky subject for almost anyone, it’s best to first establish credibility and build rapport. We rounded up ten of the best financial loss coaching websites to inspire you on how to approach this topic.

10 Best Financial Loss Coaching Websites to Inspire You (2022)

1. Mandyy Thomas

mandyy thomas Financial Loss Coaching Websites

Living and located in California, Mandyy Thomas took the lively and warm sunny beachside to her website. She chose tones of blue to suggest calmness and serenity as if her website is a safe place to ease one’s anxiety. Moreover, she taps into what most people suffering from financial concerns want — freedom for a happier life. Here, she constantly communicates how she can help the audience boost their confidence in handling money and life in general. She shares her stories and a few tips in her podcast that you can also check out from the website.

2. The Donatello Group

With lively colours of golden yellow and leafy green, The Donatello Group used these as accents to bring life to their website. They also came up with a short and straightforward website landing page that allows the audience to select which service they are interested in. Besides this, there is also a search bar right above the service list, making it easier for the audience to navigate as well. Below, they added social platforms they are in and a directory for easier contact reference.

3. Jennifer Dawn

jennifer dawn Financial Loss Coaching Websites

One of the best financial loss coaching websites there is, Jennifer Dawn is here with a warm and lively website. She opted to go with warm and autumn season colours which exude a comfortable and warm vibe. This helps the audience to be open to what she has to say and bring to the table. There are also different sections as you scroll down, giving more information on how she understands and can help.

4. Judith Cane

Judith Cane has a simple website that directs her audience to look far ahead in the future. This puts them into perspective that what they’re going through is not the end, it will get better. She has a light and breezy website that’s also easy to navigate. Moreover, she added different sections as you scroll down to showcase her services with call-to-actions in place.

5. credit Canada

credit canada Financial Loss Coaching Websites

Offering different services in order to coach people who are suffering because of financial loss, Credit Canada encourages them to take charge and lay everything out on the table. They have different forms to fill out readily available so one wouldn’t feel too pressured or scared to initiate an interaction. Moreover, their copy is directed at setting a professional tone with confidence for results.

6. Enriched Academy

With a balance of light and shadow, Enriched Academy played around black and white to emphasize the issues but also bring light on how to resolve this. They boast of their previous enrollees who they helped change their lives in the hopes that the audience would feel confident enough and onboard. Furthermore, they used listing to make their services easy to scan. At the same time, they also used icons for easier and more visual understanding.

7. Ready Set Life Coach

ready set life Financial Loss Coaching Websites

Ready Set Life Coach is another one of the best financial loss coaching websites to love. They are inclined to the use of calming and peaceful blue that is complemented with white background for a lighter and comfortable vibe the audience can appreciate. Moreover, they also touched on the pain points, immediately building rapport in such short but straightforward copies. Also, they added call-to-action buttons to encourage them to take action once attention is caught.

8. Niagara Region Money Coaches

Since they are situated in Niagara, they considered this through the use of photos localized in the area. This shows how much they understand the people within the region and also, establish rapport within a few seconds. Niagara Region Money Coaches then chose earthy colours to create a sense of warmth and comfort while they get into the points of what they offer.

9. Michelle Tascoe

michelle tascoe

Michelle Tascoe swiftly delivers what her services are dedicated to helping people with — better tomorrow without financial concerns. She showcases her appearances and media mentions in the next section. Besides this, there is also the use of mixed media that adds a personal touch and warmth for the audience. She used bright colours of blue, pink, and dark grey that works together yet divide per section seamlessly.

10. Gladstone Wealth

Future facing, Gladstone Wealth also encourages the audience to move forward. They have video material embedded on their home page which subtly energizes the audience and motivates them to take action. A nice financial loss coaching website, they write their copy in the voice of their audience which makes it easy to absorb and relate to. In each section, there are also call-to-action buttons to get the ball rolling.

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