How To Find People In Your Niche On Twitter

Today, business owners are taking advantage of the opportunity to promote their companies online via social networks. Twitter is making the most of this opportunity by providing business owners a few promotional tools.

To be successful in this, business owners need to target people in the same industry or find people in their niche. Good thing, Twitter allows users to find people who are interested in the same niche.

How to Search for people in your niche:

Steps (Browsing by interest):

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the Discover tab. Click DISCOVER tab on Twitter
  3. Select Browse categories option, located at the left sidebar. Click Browse Category option
  4. Click the category of your interest. A list of suggested accounts you may want to follow will be shown. Follow preferred users. Select a category
  5. You can also browse by category using the search box. Just type a topic or keywords that best describe your niche. For example, input “fashion”. You will see a list of account results from that search. Follow preferred users.

Steps (Browsing using Twitter’s suggestions):

  1. Click the Discover tab.
  2. Select Who to follow. Select a category
  3. You will be able to browse accounts that Twitter generated for you. These are based on other accounts that you follow on Twitter.
  4. Follow preferred users.

Who to follow will also appear on the left portion of your homepage, other user’s profile pages, Discover and Connect pages.

  1. Suggestions on your homepage, Discover and Connect pages are based on the types of accounts you are following and who those users follow.
  2. Suggestions on another user’s profile page are similar accounts to the user. Simply click Similar to that user.

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