12 fun font combinations that will make your social media graphics pop

Time to spruce up your social media graphics!

You want to attract more clicks, more comments and more shares on your social media post, right? The first step is super simple: Create an eye-catching graphic and make it even more interesting by mixing it up with fab fonts.

Here’s a variety of free downloadable fonts you can use for your next social media graphic. I’ve also included examples for ideas and inspiration.

Need help with installing fonts? Here are some useful tutorials:

Have fun!

Downloadable Fonts You Can Use For Social Media Graphics

12 Free Awesome Font Combinations

1. Libby & Futura

These two are definitely my most favorites and I use them all the time. I love the “clean” and “sleek” look on them. And oh, they’re super easy to read!

Libby and Futura Font

Download Fonts: Libby / Futura

2. KG Defying Gravity

KG Defying Gravity – such a long name, but it’s my new favorite font. I love how I can change the look into a bouncy one using alternating lowercase and uppercase. Click on the download link below to see what I’m talking about!

Download Font: KG Defying Gravity

3. Halo Handletter & Lane A

 Halo Handletter & Lane A

Download Fonts: Halo Handletter / Lane

4. Folks & KG Love You Through It

If you want to sprinkle some girly style on your graphic, pair any san serif font (like Folks) with KG Love You Through It font.

Folks & KG Love You Through It

Download Fonts: Folks / KG Love You Through It

5. Secret Code & Lobster

Lobster font – found this on Canva and fell in love with this font. Looking super classy!

Secret Code & Lobster

Download Fonts: Secret Code / Lobster

6. Octin SprayPaint & Satisfy

Looking for a beautiful readable cursive font? “SATISFY” font will absolutely satisfy your need. Enhance your graphic with a kinda-gothic looking font called “Octin SprayPaint”.

Octin SprayPaint & Satisfy

Download Fonts: Octin SprayPaint / Satisfy

7. Nova, Satisfy & Scribble Box

Nova, Satisfy & Scribble Box

Download Fonts: Nova / Satisfy / Scribble Box

8. Dear Joe Four, One Direction & Bebas

Dear Joe Four, One Direction & Bebas

Download Fonts: Dear Joe Four / One Direction / Bebas

9. Simply Glamorous & Text Me One

While Text Me One looks nice and easy to eyes, I love Simply Glamorous’ elegant look. It adds some spice on the graphic so it won’t look too simple. But make sure to use a big font size for “Simply Glamorous”, otherwise people will have a hard time reading your graphic.

Simply Glamorous & Text Me One

Download Fonts: Simply Glamorous / Text Me One

10. Urban Sketch & Handwriting

Urban Sketch & Handwriting

Download Fonts: Handwriting / Urban Sketch

11. Claire Hand & Brush Script

Claire Hand & Brush Script

Download Fonts: Claire Hand / Brush Script

12. Green Surf & Linowrite

Green Surf & Linowrite

Download Fonts: Green Surf / Linowrite

Your turn

Care to share your favorite fonts? Would love to know in the comments!

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