25 Best Food Influencers in Toronto & Ontario

People often put their trust in products that are seen used by someone they know or watch. In that situation, social media influencers come into play. With the continuous growth of social media importance, brands and companies have also taken advantage of how a specific person can influence the purchasing power of a consumer.

This is often seen on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and other platforms that use the perspective of a known individual regarding a product or service. So, if you’re wondering where hunt for the right agency, check our list of 25 best personal, company and food influencers in Toronto.

Food Influencers

1. The Influence Agency

The Influence Agency, influencer marketingCreate leverage with your market reach through The Influence Agency. They got you covered from Google Ads, SEO, event marketing, TikTok marketing, Instagram and Youtube advertising, videography and more.

2. Nourish Food Marketing

Nourish Marketing, food influencersPromote your sumptuous food with Nourish Food Marketing. Working with chefs, businesses, bloggers and influencers is their cup of tea. Aside from that, they also advocate the multicultural diversity of products and companies.

3. Bob’s Your Uncle

Bob's Your Uncle, influencer marketingBob’s Your Uncle offers influencer marketing services that evoke emotions and thoughts. Delivering impactful yet simple creative solutions for food and beverage brands is their core commitment.

  • website: www.byuagency.com
  • address: 317 Adelaide St W #801, Toronto, ON M5V 1P9, Canada

4. Peersway Marketing Ltd

PeersawayIf your branding needs lifting, Peersway Marketing Ltd has got your back. Since they provide nano influencers as well, your business scale doesn’t matter. Starting brands love them as they provide one of the most affordable influencer marketing services.

  • website: www.peersway.com
  • address: 229 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M6J 2L5, Canada

5. Branding and Buzzing

Branding and BuzzingBranding and Buzzing will help you get the media mileage your brand deserves. With this company’s engaging and creative ideas, your food product will surely be at the tip of your consumers’ tongue and will sell like hotcakes.

6. Shine Influencers

Shine takes pride in being one of the top talent management and brand agency in Northern America. Their alluring campaigns are proven to mark the target market, resulting in a boost in any brand’s product reach.

7. inBeat Agency

Get the recognition your brand deserves with inBeat Agency’s effective approach to dynamic branding. You can also count on them for your social media advertising, management and endorsement.

  • website: www.inbeat.agency
  • address: 1200 ave McGill College, suite 1100 Montreal, QC, Canada H3B 4G7

Company Influencers

8. Charming Media

Charming MediaCharming Media is a reputable agency that has worked with big brands such as Skechers, Nine West, Kenzo and more. This team has only been providing its services for cruelty-free brands.

9. Qode Social Media Agency

Qode SocialQode Social Media Agency is a full-service, premier company that offers integrated solutions in developing a community for your brand.

  • website: www.qodesocial.com
  • address: 326 Adelaide St W Suite 600A, Toronto, ON M5V 1R3, Canada

10. BrandFIT Inc.


Brandfit Inc.’s jam is a service that hits two birds with one stone. With their incredible amount of network, you can reach a global market while strengthening your personal brand.

  • website: www.brandfit.ca
  • address: 79 Wellington St W #1620, Toronto, ON M5K 1H6, Canada

11. Matte PR

Matte PR does not only provide a roster of influential individuals perfect for your unique business. But, they also offer services for other marketing, advertising and creative aspects you need.

  • website: www.mattepr.com
  • address: 10 Morrison St #307, Toronto, ON M5V 2T8, Canada

12. Gab Talent MAnagement

Gab Talent Management is running on its commitment to linking excellent talents to opportunities. From the world of culinary influencers, celebrities, mom and parent influencers, interior design and more.

  • website: www.gabtalent.com
  • address: 8 Gladstone Ave Unit 312, Toronto, ON M6J 0B3, Canada

13. Talk Shop Media

Adapt with the rapid growth of social media influence with Talk Shop Media. With this company’s approach to influencer and experiential marketing, they have been into brand collaborations that are nothing short of successful.

14. iD Agency

If you are scouting for a creative partner for your brand, ID Agency could be the one you’re looking for. From photography, events conceptualization to travel writing- they got you covered. Check out their website for their amazing portfolio.

  • website: www.id-agency.ca
  • address: 303 – 579 Richmond Street W Toronto, ON M5V 1Y6 Canada

15. Imagemotion

Image Motion offers its clients an organic yet modern approach to influencer marketing. Whether it’s for paid social media content and creation, influencer campaigns or product campaigns, they have the expertise to boost you off.

16. Clark Influence

By offering end-to-end benefits for personal influencers and brands, Clark Influence has been one of the go-to agencies of all industries. This team is committed to providing interesting content for different niches.

17. bicom

Bicom takes pride in its proactive and highly skilled individuals. Regardless of brand scale, they offer help in building a genuine connection between brands and consumers.

  • website: www.bicom.ca
  • address: 478 Queen Street East, Suite 301 Toronto, ON, M5A 1T7

18. Hashtag Communications

Hashtag Communications is an expert in upgrading your brand’s social media presence yet create a meaningful and relevant connection. So, if you’re looking for that kind of media presence, this company is for you.

19. Counter Culture Agency

Counter Culture Agency stays true to its brand. Offering services and outputs that are relationship-driven, effective in building connections between their clients’ customers as well.

20. Jive PR + Digital

Jive PR + Digital provides unique content to effectively create a connection perfect for your brand.

21. Blitz Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing customer conversion strategies and Blitz Marketing is just waiting for your brand.

22. Wafe Consulting

Wafe Consulting can help you maximize your market reach, engage in storytelling and create your unique content.

23. Edkent Media

Edkent Media takes pride in their high precision marketing strategies that would ensure you reach your desired and specific audience is what they do.

24. Jones Media

Project that brand idea to reality with Jones Media. This team offers ambassadors for your brand that would simply embody your brand. Less stress but wider reach. Enhance your social and digital presence.

website: www.mrandmrsjones.ca
address: 2 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON M4W 1A8, Canada

25. TrendFluence

In this new digital marketing era, there are only a few names that you can trust; like TrendFluence. They provide your marketing needs and have proven quality with partnerships with the biggest brands in the world.

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