5 Top Forums Great For Bloggers

Joining a forum discussion allows bloggers to widen their knowledge and perspective about their passion in blogging. Blog forums provide a good venue for bloggers to interact with each other, share ideas, healthily debate on certain issues and to discuss relevant matters affecting the blogging industry. Here are some of the top forums that bloggers should join in order to widen their network linkages with fellow bloggers.

1. Bloggeries

This site offers a sub-forum topics that any of the registered members could start to participate in the discussion. Bloggers here are very helpful to each other. Bloggeries offer bloggers the opportunity to get targeted traffic for their blog sites as it provides a blog link to promote the websites of its member bloggers. The site also offers hosting services for bloggers.

2. Digital Point

Digital point is one of my favorites! It’s a popular due to its high rank in the search engine and receives tons of traffic. Members are active in responding to the posts of the forum members making it a good site where they actively interact with fellow freelancers/bloggers.

Members are asked to place their signature to their account together with their blog link which can give good back links on your blog site each time you post a reply on forum threads and discussions.

3. Problogger

This site is an authority in blogging that offers good forum network for bloggers. The members enjoy in participating to the different forum discussions on various topics that is very enlightening by learning from the different points of views of professional bloggers. There are more than 77,000 members and the statistics continue to grow.

4. Site Point

The site has a good Alexa rank and is busy with traffic. You can enjoy becoming a part of the healthy discussions with other bloggers that could help you grow professionally. Each time you participate on a forum discussion allows you to promote your blog site by posting your signature with your blog links.

5. Warrior Forum

The site is only beginning to show itself as a worthy forum site for bloggers to visit and join. You can find different bloggers who specialize on specific blog niches from internet marketing, making money online and search engine optimization.

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