10 Best Forums For Photographers

Photography is a very broad but interesting subject. It is not enough that you have the gear or the theories – you must put them to the test. After all, photography is also about trial and error and what better way to seek advice from professionals than to join online forums. Here are some great forums for photographers, either working freelance or in the professional field.

List of Best Forums for Photographers

Here are 10 awesome forums you can join if you are into photography:

1. ThePhotoForum


This forum is all about Photography and Digital Photography. It currently has 151,631 registered users, an average of about 1,500 to 2,000 daily users and 2,847,185 total posts. The forum is divided into many categories, such as for beginners, contests, galleries (for showcasing works), and other topic-specific forums such as for camera brands, analog/film photography, and much more. The site administrator is dascrow with groups of moderators as well.

2. Digital Photography Review (DPReview)


This compact-style forum has mostly topics pertaining to discussing photography equipment (camera, lenses, etc.) as well as photography techniques. It has sub forums about computers and gadgets as well. The forum has 35,834,131 posts and 3,433,116 threads, and each member has their own ‘Gear List’ on their profile, to show what kinds of photography gear they use.

3. Canon Digital Photography Forums (photography-on-the.net)


Owned by Pekka Saarinen, this forum is all about discussing Canon photography gear, photography techniques, and work showcasing. Some threads like the ones for marketplace and for nude photography are hidden from unregistered users. The forum statistics are: Threads: 1,262,872, Posts: 16,013,190, Members: 385,401, with an average of 1,500 to 2,000 daily users.

4. PhotographyCorner.com


This photography forum has mostly the common topics, such as showcasing works, equipment techniques, a marketplace, and even a premiere member’s lounge. The site owner/admin is Tim L. Walker. It has 28,445 members, 106,151 threads, 764,224 posts, with an average of 400 to 1,000 daily active users.

5. Digital Grin (DGrin)


This forum discusses photography gear and techniques, and users are able to share their shots. It is maintained by a group of administrators with their moderators, and has the following statistics: Threads: 225,072, Posts: 1,875,901, Members: 73,863, with an average of 700 to 1,500 daily users.

6. The Professional Photography Forum


This forum has been around since 2009, with a total of 1,098 users, 5,784 topics and 69,617 posts, with an average of 30 to 150 daily users. Members can showcase their photography work, mostly professional / business works, grouped in specialties (e.g. wedding, portraits, landscapes, mixed media, etc.).

7. ClubSNAP Photography Community


This forum has not only photo gallery showcases and technique discussions, but also events like seminars, tours, gatherings and much more. They also have an organized buy-and-sell sub forum, categorized by brand names and equipment type. The forum’s stats are: Threads: 1,208,493, Posts: 7,932,728, Members: 189,038 and Active Members: 12,592. The forum has mostly Singaporeans and South East Asians.

8. SLR Lounge


This HTML5-designed photography forum has mostly topics about photography techniques and tutorials, along with a few contests for members. The forum’s stats: Threads: 2,135, Posts: 6,612, Members: 1,625 and Active Members: 172. Christopher Lin is the administrator of the said forum.

9. photomacrography.net


This forum focuses solely on macro and close-up photography. It has discussions on techniques, a beginners’ forum, and showcase galleries. It has 3262 members and 132596 posts, with an average of 20 to 200 daily users.

10. DWF (Digital Wedding Forum)


This forum focuses on wedding photography, techniques and resources. The forum has a total of 2,319,675 posts, and has featured content on the home page like videos, members, Instagram shots, etc.

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