14+ christmas photoshop brushes

Christmas is almost in the air for most countries, especially with the fact that right after the Halloween season, we’d probably be packing up gifts, preparing our Holiday budgets and vacations and spending quality time with the family or our colleagues.

With this time of the year, most of us will probably plan parties and make invitations and other print media, which require some designing for the Holiday spirit.

Aside from beautiful fonts, we should need some great designs for Christmas and the Holidays as well.

To do this, we may need some Photoshop brushes to add up to our work.

Best Christmas Photoshop Brushes

1. Christmas Eve Brushes by Coby17


For flourish Christmas designs, this set of brushes has mostly vines, swirls and grungy bits with Poinsettias and butterflies, made up of 11 brushes.

2. Large Christmas Themed Brushes


If you are looking for realistic wreaths then this set of 12 large PS brushes made on CS3. It also includes gifts, ribbons and toy snowmen.

3. Cute Christmas Brushes by coydreamer


Made on CS, this set of brushes has 15 unique designs that look like hand-made patchwork with patterned lines – gifts, reindeer, Xmas trees, stars, and decors.

4. Snow & Snowflakes PS Brushes by obsidiandawn


A set of 26 snowflake brushes with unique patterns on each may be a great chilly addition to any Winter Wonderland scene.

5. Santa Claus St. Nick Brushes by moofygirl


Jolly old St. Nicholas can be used as a PS brush on your graphical designs or greeting cards with this set of 6 cool brushes of the man in the red suit.

6. Christmas Tree by Miss-deviantE


Spice up your Christmas scenery with this set of 15 brushes, made up of various designs of Xmas trees – from the simple ones to the magical and detailed ones.

7. Vintage Christmas by pesoto74


Made up of old Christmas drawings, usually those seen in the 60’s and the 70’s, this might be a great addition to your greeting card designs or throwback party décor.

8. Christmas Brushes by obisidiandawn


This set contains a lot of Christmas items (40 brushes) for you to use, such as décor and other ornaments. It was made in PS7 so you’re sure that it works on most versions.

9. Ribbon Brushes by markyfan


If you are looking for realistic ribbons then this is the brush to use. It’s got ribbons of different sizes, perfect for your Holiday designs.

10. Christmas Decoration by imthinkingoutloud


9 brushes make up this Holiday set which includes mostly tree ornaments of various designs, and was made in PS CS3.

11. Christmas Brushes by Illyera


A huge set of Christmas brushes, this contains ornaments, ribbons, and mostly other Holiday elements, which also includes an image pack.

12. Christmas Elements by Alex-zhang


Made in PS CS5, it has mostly glittering ornaments for Christmas trees and the like. If you want something sparkly then use this brush.

13. Christmas Decorations by Gratiela Dasalu


6 brushes for the holidays, including holly, ornament balls, bells and candles, will look great on your greeting cards or posters.

14. Christmas Brush Doodles Pack by MV


For doodle lovers, here is a large set of Christmas brushes (126 in total) that adds cuteness to your design.

15. Christmas Handmade Brushes by D-u-D


Looking for simple hand-drawn brush set? This outline Christmas set is a great addition to your design.

16. Christmas Brushes by coolwing


This set contains not only Xmas elements but also New Year’s Eve ones, with calendars, banners and swirling designs too.

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