Free Feather Brushes For Photoshop Lovers

There’s virtually a little few out there that would outweigh the power of putting real natural elements to your designs. Today, what we would witness are free sets of brushes that should turn your image-picking hours into brushing hours! Our offer of today: feather brushes.

The feather brushes covered in this post would surely give you the real variety that you’d expect. All are offered for free, dragging these brush packs all to your favourite photo-editing software should really be as exciting as using them at once.

1. 9 Feather Brushes


The feathers here are not just simply brushes that look like basic vector shapes, but what you get are real brushes that features transparency, high-level black-and-white gradients, and superb fiber threads ready to pull your eyes onto them. Highly colourable and scalable, these brushes should never miss your basic collection of brushes.

2. Feathers Photoshop and GIMP Brushes


Having your own poultry house on your Photoshop app won’t be as fun as putting different breeds of birds to your nest. This rare collection of Photoshop feather brushes includes up to 34 feather brushes in different shapes, contours, styles, stripes, and dimensions. Included in the list of feathers are that of ostrich, peacock, and other wild birds with stunning feather styles.

3. Free Feather Brush #1


With the unusual presentation, this pack stands out by offering you few feather brushes of the same style: a swirl. Actually, these feathers do not really look like feathers, but the threads or the fibers are very representable of an actual feather material. Colors can be greatly varied through simple tools, and if you are creative enough, a little touch of color variations plus a little glow will surely give your design a cool misty effect.

4. Feather Brushes


Like that of the second entry above, this set includes a lot of feathers from different birds. Colorful, witty, and very resolute, these brushes offered by Brusheezy is a cool collection without losing the details you’d want to see. Included in the set: 16 brushes of up to 1980p in size.

5. Feather Sweep Brushes


No, these feathers do not really depict the most natural-looking feather brushes out there, but the swept effect applied to these feathers are perfect for making your own textures, backgrounds, hairstyles, fills, and even shadows. The package offered by Brush Lovers come with 8 brushes, so you should really find yourself ample enough with these rare effects.

6. Feather Brushes 01


Offered by Lelu, these brushes should do well in completing your collection of brush feathers because of what they showcase: 10 feathers of different lengths. If you are trying to paint a bird from scratch, with a little color variation and transform effects, these brushes should really complete your bird as your brand new item for your portfolio.

7. Feather Brushes 2


This set offered by Ranefea of DeviantArt has a very distinctive feature as Photoshop brushes; the feathers look very iconic and youthful, making me remember Pocahontas or Madagascar animation movies. The features are pretty simple, but with the ‘dance’ that it presents, this should really do well in adding a little more sprite to your designs without losing that much quality.

8. Feather Brush Set 1


If you are looking for feather brushes that do not really need to look natural but still creative, the pen-like effect offered by RisingHeart should catch your attention. Comprised of up to 8 brushes, feathres come in different presentations or perspective, terrific for adding a texture effect to backgrounds if spread evenly and generously. These brushes can also be colorized for an extra amount of delight.

9. Feathers


Ending our list is the one offered by ShadyMedusa-stock of DeviantArt. Incluive of up to 10 brushes, this set features something unique for feather lovers to acquire at great speed: very soft edges. This effect should really add a plush plus to the design, perfect for child-rearing niche and any similar projects where care and subtlety is of utmost importance.

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