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One classy turnaround to modern designs is what is so far known as the modern vintage, but being vintage, you don’t really expect it to be overly nostalgic of the olden times.

While this modernism in design can be really appealing without the waste of too much time and resources during the creative process, some would actually opt for the real vintage arts to revive the awesome history of art.

We’d like to recall a few great vintage texture packs that you’d love to discover before you submit your vintage arts to your portfolio or to your clients on wait.

The texture packs are all free, elegant, and of high-quality.

1. Vintage Grunge Texture Pack


The author (powerpuffjazz) says the collection includes 6 high resolution textures, but I’d say the possibilities are limitless as long as you know how to use the hue tool.

The design does not really look grungy as the title says, but the worn-out texture to the classic background does really uplift an ancient appeal to modern art. Best for photography and historical applications, these textures should really make your art one of the most memorable and timeless designs ever.

2. Victorian Grunge Texture Pack


An almost similar set of textures, the Victorian Grunge has a very terrific and breath-taking set of textures that you can rarely see being used nowadays.

Offered by AF Studios, the pack includes 5 high-resolution textures, each measuring 2000x300p. Design includes rare patterns and swirls with a touch of antiquity, capable of making your art one worthy artefact everyone would love to bookmark on their favorites.

3. Vintage Textures


If your niche is into the literature side or calligraphy, a taste of some antique-textured papers would be perfect for your taste. Offered by Chambertin, the pack includes up to 13 antique paper textures, all offered in medium and high-resolution sizes ready to fit modern web pages from edge to edge. Some included textures even feature tear-outs and burns, terrific for designs that need a more realistic vintage feel.

4. Vintage Starburst: Texture Pack


As the name suggested it, what you get from what is offered by DesignInstruct are all starbursts, overlaid in a grungy vintage paper as texture. The set comes in up to 36 color combinations, and all combinations come in a very high resolution of 3600x3600p.

If you want to maintain a youthful look to your design without making it look overly odd and old, then this set should not miss your list of collections.

5. Gothic Textures Pack


This may not be the best set that you’d encounter in this list, but what you get are two high-resolution gothic textures coming in black and white. Shared by XiuLanStock, you are surely to enjoy the very grungy feel of these textures. Each texture comes in a water-color effect painted on an old crumpled paper, and with a very odd vignette, the contents you’d put into it will surely pop to viewers’ attention.

6. Vintage Retro Grunge Wallpaper Patterns – Part 6


If you are tired of using flat images that you should manually set to spread along as background to your design, the one offered in WebTreats gives you the convenience of a .pat file that you’d love to use as a PhotoShop user. The pack actually comes from a series, and in this part 6, you get both .jpg format together with the mentioned pattern format ready to use for free. The designs are very creative though they are virtually identical with each other, but the seamless effect should ease you of a little burden.

7. 32 Deep Crimson Red Seamless Grunge Textures


Love red? Here’s one real good pack of textures that will surely put your designs on heat. The package comes in 32 textures ready to be tiled as .jpg files, or you can also use the include .pat file if you are a PhotoShop maniac. The red textures come in different styles and feel, perfect for filling up objects regardless the size and shape. Even included in the package are some olden musical score, perfect for creating an extra dimension or aspect to your design.

8. Free Texture Grab Vintage Sweet Heart


What more could you ask than a set of textures featuring colourful hearts spread across each piece? Free to use as offered by InsightDesigns, the textures come in different layouts but are all in high resolutions. Some textures look a little faint, others a little grungy, but whatever it is you use, that youthful and charming look will always stay in place with your artwork.

9. Vintage Star Pattern: Texture Pack


A while ago, there are the starbursts, but what you get now are only stars tiled properly and in an orderly fashion. The package comes in up to 20 color variations, and again, the combinations come in 3600x3600p perfect for large backgrounds. What made the textures more special is the spot-lighted center that should give an extra dimension to your highlights and shadows.

10. 12 High Resolution Denim Textures


Who says denim wears do not fit the ancient times? Offered by PremiumPixels for free, what you get are really high-resolution textures, each measuring 2500x1667p! The denim textures would be perfect for that vintage-looking, fabric-like display, and with a little touch-up, you can really put your other elements to blend with the design perfectly. Better than these, there’re the pockets and the royal stitches, just in case you don’t want to miss the additive effect.

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