20+ free light and subtle patterns for download

Since the entrance of the idea of using textures and patterns as the main filling element in designs, the use of plain colors and even distractive elements is almost being forgotten nowadays.

And because we designers and developers would long to produce quality artwork that are unique or original, we would have the tendency to create those fills on our own… unless there’re the free ones.

Textures and patterns are very helpful in giving a design a more life-like, tactile feel that promotes engagement, friendliness, and, of course, beauty especially in web design.

However, when we compare the two options, we learned already that using textures can be more space-consuming because of the file size even though we would compress them before actual usage.

Using patterns, on the other hand, is easier that we only need a little piece of it and then repeated over the whole area.

Patterns come in a lot of variety, but since simplicity and subtlety is ‘more beauty’ these days, I have collected some great patterns that you’d love to pay attention to.

Check out these light and subtle patterns that you can download and use on your designs for free:

1. SOS


It’s pretty hard to describe this pattern, but it’s so subtle and so minimal that you cannot really identify what this pattern is made up of.

As for me, I see lines, crosshatched and interlinked to each other. No dots. No other shapes. Pure fun.

2. Noisy Grid


If you are a mathematics wiz who just can’t help but get attracted to grids and grids alone, check out this pattern!

The Noisy Grid reminds us of the old school days where teachers tell us to draw a line along the x- and y-axis. Created by Vectorpile, you can download this grid pattern for free.

3. Tiny Grid


Is the grid above subtle enough? Check out this subtler grid pattern in the name of Tiny Grid.

It can be hard to identify if these are made out of dots or lines, but the point is, it’s very attractive.

4. Inspiration Geometry


I don’t really seem to do well with geometry, but the shapes here scattered all over are icons of pure energy and youthfulness.

If you want that kind of spice on your website, don’t miss this out.

5. Wild Flowers


If you want to add some stationery-like feel to your designs, try this design that matches some light colors like yellow, pink, and powder blue.

Though the name says there are flowers, I only see leaves, though.

6. PS Neutral


I am not sure if the ‘PS’ here stands for ‘Photoshop,’ but what I am sure is that, this pattern depicts of the blank slate whenever you create a new blank document in most design products by Adobe, such as the one mentioned and Illustrator.

7. Honey I’m subtle


The title may or may not speak for itself, but what this pattern actually is, is a very subtle, highly minimalistic honeycomb pattern. Can’t help but take a closer look!

8. AZ Subtle


The AZ Subtle pattern is probably one of the most ordinary patterns ever used and is so familiar to all of use. How about you get a copy of yours?

9. Subtle Grey


Paste this pattern on your bathroom walls and sink, and even decorate your interior walls with this pattern.

Doing so, you won’t notice much difference as that when you use real tiles… except that the tiles here are much, much smaller.

10. Textured Stripes


Familiar with linen papers? This pattern named Textured Stripes is a perfect replica of such texture, except that you can add this to your digital projects.

Like you, I am also wondering if there is a horizontal version of these stripes.

11. Subtle Net


I strongly agree with the name, but maybe add the word ‘tiny’ in between. The net pattern here is so useful not a bed bug can pass through… well at least don’t really try it.

12. Diamond Upholstery


Here’s another pattern that looks like real tiles, except that this is grayish in color.

Just in case you didn’t notice at all, the identical gradients filling each tile creates an optical illusion when viewed from afar: some tiles look darker than the others!

13. Tree Bark


Get yourself barking on the right tree.

This pattern is so elegant yet so playful that you’d want to incorporate it on your blog. Want to add an overlay of color? Do so.

14. Absurdity


The author says ‘tiny gray square things,’ but what I see are plain dots. How about you? Before you proceed, I think there’s a reason why the name says ‘absurdity’ after all.

15. Dimension


This pattern does not really evoke some 3D ideas or something ‘dimensional.’ The pattern is simply a combination of diagonal lines crossing between circles wrapping around smaller circles. Getting the loop?

16. Fresh Stucco


I don’t exactly know how to describe this pattern, except that I remember something about it: a freshly painted wall down the street. If you like that wall-like feel, then download this pattern.

17. Retina Dust


Are these really dust? Are they brushed? Obviously, such complexity is only good for displays with Retina-like resolution.

Get this textured pattern if you want to make your Retina display look more pronounced and gorgeous.

18. Corrugation


Check out these tiny waves that we usually do with a serrated ruler when we were kids. Will these tiny waves look like the waves of an ocean if tinted blue?

19. Strange Bullseyes


Not sure here if the pattern is so illusory, but I think I am getting dazzled by how creative this pattern is designed or created.

If you want to add a little misty or magical effect to your plane, try this out.

20. Medic Packaging Foil


The trigger word here is the word ‘foil,’ and the trigger visual here is the tiny metallic spots that are embossed to produce a highly tactile effect. This pattern is so great I wanted to touch it already!

21. Subtle Light Tile Pattern Texture (Vol5.)


4 different cool light pattern textures by Pixeden that can be used for your next project.

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