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If sprite sheets are more useful for programmers and developers, UI kits are getting famous also to the designers’ end of today. UI Kits are those elements that are given for easily laying out objects or elements within an artwork, easing up the burden of always starting from scratch especially when you’re on Photoshop.

Elements can vary from simple arrow buttons to scroll bars, and can even get bigger like lists, backgrounds, and even other sub-elements like brushes and pattern files.

Moreover, UI kits are used not only on web designs and UI designs, but can get a lot more applications than we’d imagine.

The problem with Android devices is that you won’t get that much UI kits as you’d do for web designing; you would usually run out of resources making you turn and use the inappropriate elements instead. Thankfully, there are generous artists there who are willing to share the tools they use for creating magnificent designs. Whatever it is you are looking for to build up your Android interface the better way, we’ve got you covered with these free handy and modern UI kits for Android devices.

1. Lookamore UI Kit


The Lookamore UI Kit is one of the most offered UI kits specifically designed for Android smartphones. The kit includes almost every element you’d ask from buttons to icons and even to avatars. The design style doesn’t get too far from what was offered as stock on the Android platform, but with a little tampering especially of the typography, the Lookamore still stands unique and pleasing enough for everyone to use for free.

2. Official Android 4.0 UI


I actually don’t feel safe calling this UI kit the official one, but I would still be proud to wear this on my Android device. The design style offered in this UI kit are all modern, i.e., flat designs with blue accents. The kit includes the basic elements such as buttons, tabs, and bars, and you get two versions: dark and light. Being easy and simple, you as a designer would love to change the color theme of the kit, making it versatile enough for any color combination you can imagine.

3. Android GUI PSD


Using this UI kit can be confusing enough when paired with the stock version of Android, but at least, what you get is a real huge collection of all the elements you could encounter on the smart platform. The creator of this kit boasts of its being ‘pixel-perfect,’ making it very appealing to designers sticking to the principle of accuracy. Moreover, being provided with all the necessary elements, designs can jump to the next steps without needing to create each element from scratch.

4. Photoshop Android GUI Set


Offered by WebDesignShock, the UI kit actually comes in two unusual versions: the common and the sense. Nevertheless, the kit is complete enough with a real lot of elements from main menu, contextual menus, radio, applications, status bar, bottom bar, messages view, signal bar, and more. The design style is very modern, though it looks more like a UI kit for PC. Moving forward, the fully-editable Photoshop files should keep you going for better ideas.

5. Fireworks Template for Android


Just in case you miss using Adobe Fireworks for your design workflow, take a look at this kit offered by Matthijs Collard. The kit which includes vector format of Android elements is now in a Fireworks .png format, ready for you to tweak and resize them according to your ideals. The kit includes a basic smartphone screen model, status and notification bar, buttons, list items, and even the on-screen keyboard. Though it may be short of the elements and the beauty, having a Fireworks file won’t really burn out much of your time.

6. Mobile and Web UI Kit PSD


The Mobile and Web UI Kit PSD is not really the best kit you can get for tweaking your Android look, but its offered elements do something to keep them to your list. The design style is highly minimalistic, lightweight, and pleasing. Elements do not really look compatible for Android use, but with a little formatting, you can surely start and make one suitable for your Android device. What makes the kit so ideal is the way it is being designed, and I bet you would love to keep the kit for your next web design project as well.

7. Ice Cream Sandwich GUI Design Kits in PSD


Here comes another stock-Android-like UI kit offered for free. The design style looks almost perfectly similar to that of the stock Android design, except that you get a more comprehensive list of elements to use and customize as reference or template. Included in the list are buttons, launcher screens, home screens, options bar, menus, keyboard, notification bars, and more. All elements are offered in two specific screen sizes of 720x1280p at 320ppi and 480x800p at 240ppi.

8. Amazing Free PSD for Android User Interface Set


Another offering of Webdesignshock, this UI kit features a seemingly familiar interface, much like that was once of Apple devices but with the tint of Android styling. Coming with green highlights against a dark interface, the kit is good enough for those who do not want to go far to really modifying the simplicity every interface should maintain. Included in this UI kit are buttons, sample screens, lock screens, list items, toggles or switches, and even keyboard.

9. Free Android UI Design Kit PSD – Nexus 4 GUI


Coming from DailyFreePSD and is designed by Chirag Dave of India, this UI design kit for Android is an advancement to the Ice Cream Sandwich look of Android. Packed in a dark background with strong cyan highlights, the kit’s design style is very modern, stylish, and comprehensive for every designer to love. Included in the kit are keyboard, list items, backgrounds, widgets, home screens, buttons, numpad, and more.

10. Android 4+ UI Design PSD (ICS/JB)


This must be, finally, the stock design UI kit for Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich users of Android. We are grateful for having this as a great free resource, more because it includes virtually every element and every icon you could encounter on the updated Android platform versions. If you long for a UI kit that suits for the latest Android version, then please do not miss this set.

11. Big GUI Pack: Apollo

Shared for free by DesignShock, this set must actually be and be not here on our list for one particular reason: it has everything you want for UI designing. Offered in several parts, free users can only get the part one of it which includes buttons, arrows, breadcrumb tabs, menu items, and a whole lot of other elements you would surely not miss to your collections. If you want to get the whole bundle, then pay a little, and you get what you deserve and what you will surely use for a wide range of applications.

12. Media Black UI Kit – fully Photoshop layered PSD File

Packing up our list of UI kits for Android is a cross-platform kit offered by GadgetInspiration. Specifically designed for media player UI designs, the kit also includes several useful elements that any UI and web designer can use. Coming in a very dark scheme and textured background, you’d surely love to use the appealing blue highlights and greyish blue elements as well.

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