14+ free vintage texture packs you can download

Vintage designs have always been popular when it comes to web design or blog designs, or just about everything that involves visual appeal and elements.

Vintage practically means ‘old’ or ‘ancient’, and a good way to put it – think of it as an artifact from a museum which was once used in old times, and because it had survived through time’s spell, it is now considered a precious item.

From website designs to blogs, vintage elements make your work appear pleasing to the eyes, especially for those who want a touch of elegance, beauty and traditional appeal.

So, if you’re designing something that requires vintage backgrounds or textures, here are some free ones you can easily use for your projects:

1. Texture Pack OO2. by OhsheisGaga


An assortment of light textures, its background design seems to give this ‘watercolor effect’ with an assortment of elements in different colors.

2. Vintage Texture Pack by cloaks


Dark colors make up this set of 5 vintage background patterns good for a fancy background or wallpaper.

3. Sweet Heart Textures


Fall in love with this vintage texture set filled with tiny hearts on a white background – ideal for girly blogs or sites.

4. Vintage Paper II TEXTURE PACK by Knald


Put some vintage texture to your backgrounds with this pack made up of different shades and patterns of paper.

5. Burtonar (Stewark) Texture Pack 28


For those who like frames, here is a set of stylish ones for your vintage texture or design. It has 55 textures of paper and frames.

6. Victorian grunge texture pack by AF-studios


Feel like a royal with this texture pack of Victorian swirls and laces, combined with grunge elements, coming in mostly dark colors.

7. Vintage Grunge Texture Pack by powerpuffjazz


Six high-resolution textures in different colors are included in this pack. It has unique patterns which fit Christmas or winter-style designs.

8. 6 vintage textures by Sarytah


This is a set of 800 x 600 vintage paper textures with dark shades of colors. Some even have patterns and blotches.

9. 42 Free Vintage Paper Textures


If you’re looking for a bulk of vintage paper textures then this huge set is for you – complete with various types of old and scorned paper.

10. Vintage Star Pattern: Texture Pack


Aim for the stars with this cool vintage texture pack. It comes in various colors, 20 in the whole set and at high resolution, 3600 px JPG format.

11. Vintage Textures by chambertin


Post cards, old letters and much more make up this vintage texture set with 13 in the pack, ranging from medium to large sizes.

12. 15 textures: art + vintage


Go artistic and vintage at the same time with this set of 15 textures, from embroidered ones to painted surfaces and more.

13. Vintage texture set 3 by BLAxBLA


Light texture make up this set, comprised of floral and nature patterns and other vintage elements.

14. Vintage Book Textures


If you’re working on a literature-themed site then here’s a vintage texture pack that might interest you – made up of old book covers and scans.

15. Vintage III Texture Pack by cloaks


Lots of lace patterns, in both light and dark color schemes are present in this texture pack.

16. Vintage Flowers #2 by graphicavita


Captivate your audience with this unique floral vintage pack with old clocks in high-resolution.

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