Freelancing: Getting Your Mind Right

Freelancing is indeed a very wonderful way to get into life’s ultimate goal which is happiness.

Since the growth and expansion of the digital industry into almost requiring every individual at home and at work to have their own computers, freelancing has been a way to many into earning good amount of money without commuting down the daily train.

Freelancing is also getting its own solid figure these days into a real career, and whatever field or niche you may have chosen, freelancing is indeed a great opportunity.

Yes, freelancing is fun in a lot of ways, but sometimes people fail to give it a good and well-founded start.

There’ve been many cases wherein freelancers do freelancing simply because they don’t get any luck in landing onto a right job or business, or they are just tired of waking up and bending to work schedules or practices. Some do it because they need to, i.e., in order not to be absent in some needs or demands such as a mother with a newborn baby in her arms.

But no matter how valid or invalid your start is, the point that you must contain in you as a freelancer is that, you are into a nest of opportunity where loads and loads of rewards await.

The Pessimistic Character

Basically, what would pull you off from this haven of opportunities is negative thinking. Take note at once that allowing negative thoughts in your supposed career is not totally making you pessimistic at all; you may just still be a victim for now and please, don’t allow yourself to be one. Below are some characteristics of a pessimistic person:

1. They complain too much.

Complain too much

Pessimistic people have the vice (a habit) of looking at things in a negative perspective. They are always bothered by insufficiencies that are visible only to them. They think they just do not get what they want, and in turn, complain too much that this or that is not just right.

2. They have their days end up tired if not sickly.

Pessimistic people are the best candidates for stress, and if they are stressful, the high chances are they will just end up bothered, anxious, overly occupied, unsociable, and sick. Waking up in the morning got not flavour for them, and worse, they just cannot sleep well at night.

3. They are haunted by their competitors.

Haunted by competitor

Pessimistic people have the unusual tendency of feeling that someone or something’s above them, making them feel inferior. They feel like they must get moving or else someone will get angry, they will not earn enough, they might lose a chance, lose the job, or lose a solid paycheck. They feel like somebody’s looking at them or their work, and they end up having to compete for them to be satisfied.

4. They don’t have a healthy, orderly lifestyle.

Happy people have happy lifestyles, and negative people have bad habits or lifestyles. These are the people who just cannot eat or are willing to grab a pack of crackers as alternative to a healthy lunch. They eat late or too early at night. The skip breakfast. For them, exercising and meditating is a waste of time. They don’t go to groceries so they stock instant noodles under their table. They don’t join parties, or if they do, they drink and go home too early the next day.

5. They are unhappy with what they already have.

Unhappy with what they already have

People with negative thoughts are dominated by lack and scarcity, or at least things would seem like that for them. For them, they feel like they are still not getting enough compared to what they have ideally set for themselves. For the pessimistic, you always have to pay me well, or else, I will starve; my family will starve. You have to pay me because I did my job well.

6. …and especially, they don’t earn well.

Ultimately, they end up unproductive, and they just get what they are always complaining about. They just can’t help but meet negative people every day. Good jobs seem not to fall on their hands. They just find themselves losers in the end, and the negative cycle repeats and they get worse and worse… and worse.

From Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking

Now this section goes right straight to you, and I highly advise that you take these into real consideration if you desire your goals to be really achieve and end up having a happy life and successful career.

1. Use Visual Aids

Use Visual Aids to set goals

Especially if you’re a designer or a developer, a plan is very important. In creating plans, you need to get into the right details and you really need to put them into writing that you can read.

If you worry that with your set goal, you cannot identify some necessary steps into achieving them, don’t worry because they will show up.

All you have to do is to have a very clear image of the goal that you want, focus only on those good things, and all the things that you think you need—the steps, the methods, the people, the circumstances, the tools, the knowledge—will surprise you as long as you stay on track.

Creating and having a plan gives you a real boost of confidence that whatever your action is has its own basis. It lets you know that you are into something, hence, you are not wasting your time.

It makes you think that things that come to you are all stepping stones, and difficulties are but exercises for you to get better in whatever craft you are in.

2. Don’t Overcome. Take Control.

Take control

One of the most tempting solutions into handling negative thoughts is to overcome them.

This is actually not the best solution since you are giving more power to these thoughts. You are making aware of its presence in your life the moment that you fight it.

You give them power over you, and you just welcome them into your life even if it seemed like you’re pushing them away.

The best way to handing negative thoughts is to put them in a box. Remember that, on the first step which is creating a plan, you are also entitled to an exceptional power which is management.

You realize that you can control things and plan your career and life out. Instead of staying in the ‘box’ of where you are in, get out of the box, and look at this box from the perspective of a chess player looking at the pieces to be moved.

3. Creative, Not Competitive

Be creative

The root word of the word ‘creative’ is create, and to create is to produce, and to produce is to give outputs, and to give outputs is to have something in return. Being creative does not necessarily mean being artistic; being creative is the opposite of being competitive. Learn today that there’s more than enough for anything and everything:

  1. There’s more than enough job opportunities.
  2. There’s more than enough creative ideas.
  3. There’s more than enough money to go around.
  4. There’s more than enough time.
  5. There’s more than enough good people.
  6. There’s more than enough resources to learn and to harness your skills.
  7. There’s more than enough room or demand for you and your skills.

Being cognizant of all these abundance offered on your table, you must be thankful enough to the point that you are willing to create something out of it.

In return, you would realize that giving more than what is expected of you is creative.

Learning from your mistakes is creative. Doing only the things you love is creative… creative because they create something good out of you and out of the resources given to you.

Being creative, you’d realize also that there’s no need to compete—not even with yourself, because you know you just got enough of _____.

In return, you can be at peace and you’ll stop complaining.

You can enjoy your meals without rushing, you can stop thinking about your work and enjoy watching movies with your family or friends. All in all, being creative will make your work a lot more prosperous, more than you could ever imagine.

4. With Positive People

Interestingly, as much as you’d love to list pessimistic people that you’ve met for your entire life, you can also list the people who you believe are positive and can be of great influence to you.

If these people are near you, you may want to get associated with them and their works.

You may want to look at how they do things, and you may want to stay inspired.

These people will help you smile, teach you how to better relate to the people even the ones you may meet in the future. It’s inevitable that sometimes we as social creatures really need a push.

Choosing the right people will also put you into the proper perspective and hence will keep you going and going.

If these positive people are far from your reach, you may want to stay connected with them. Feel free to ask for advice or corrections if the need arises. You may even want to ask for their best works and have them sent to you. I’m pretty sure this will really help you get even better and thus avoid negative thinking.

5. Be A Freelancer

Be a freelancer

Last but not the least, one thing commonly forgotten by freelancers is that, they are freelancers. Being a freelancer, you are expected to be free (thus the name, right?). It means that you better stop acting like a regular employee and start enjoying the privileges of being a freelancer. Listed below are some few benefits of freelancing:

  1. You get to choose your work.
  2. You get to choose your clients to work with.
  3. You get to set your work pace and working hours.
  4. You get to prepare and manage your own working environment.
  5. You get the chance to do other things.


Being a freelancer, it is expected that you do only the things you love to do. Only in doing what you really love to do will make your freelancing life a lot more enjoyable, lighter, and easier.

Following what you love and are passionate about will make you one of the few people who are truly living, and surely, you will be an inspiration to many, and people who are in need of what you can do will surely come to you no matter what.

You will get more clients. You will meet more good and prosperous people. You will be shown more knowledge. You will be handed more job offers. You will be offered bigger payslips. You will be given more control. You will stop complaining. You will avoid yourself from getting associated with the wrong persons and circumstances.

You can stop getting angry because you know you are in control. You can stop getting afraid because you know you have nothing to lose and you have a plan. And the best of all, you will be excited because even failures are a part of your plan to getting your freelancing career a very enviable one.

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