Funniest Videos Ever Snapped Using Instagram And Vine

So you just don’t want to miss a moment. With the release of the most-sought apps for capturing photos and videos in the name of Vine and Instagram, we are all introduced to a brand new way of putting even the world’s simplest and even the most coincidental things up on the web. You may have gotten a cool video, a nice picture, or just a fair collection of things saved, but nothing gets better if you upload and share them on your favourite social networking site.

Today, I am happy and excited to present to you the top funniest videos ever captured using the said tools or apps. Whether they may wake up your inner laughing child or will just tempt you to create your own funny collections, the results are up to you.

1. Kingsize Wop Vine by PontusLagge

Whether it’s a miniature Sumo wrestler or just a plain kid on the block who does the humpty dance, this video should introduce you well to the list. The video which loops for up to 26 seconds is about a kid who dances like nobody else with the crowd. Better than this, how about the facial expression as each beat is performed?

2. Somehow this putz actually got into the F.B.I.

This video may not be the most official video you’d get for an FBI agent, but so far, how do you see their training went along? Should barking through a gate take that much effort and guts?

3. When your comfortable and your mom calls you

Hate it when you are awaken by your dearest mom’s voice? Check out this quick video on how this guy gets up banging his own comfortable bed. Now, how far are you from this expression?

4. Playing with my toy cars

Being creative with your camera does not always have to include great effects and superb assets and action stars. Check out this very creative and hilarious video about a guy making fun with real-life cars.

5. Unexpected Birthday Wish

While kids are interestingly always mistaken to be very fun to be with while maintaining innocence, you’ll be surprised as to how this little girl wished for his birthday. How would you like responding to such a quick answer?

6. Shooting my dog

Is the red carpet only good for actors and actresses? How about for a dog who’s ready to evade or swallow a bullet? Check out this video as to how good this husky gets shot and drops on the floor as directed!

7. Animal Abuse Isn’t Funny! … Or is it?

If you’re a toddler who’s been refused of a candy once offered, how would you react? How would you cry? How would you express it? And… what if you look at this little pup?

8. Grandpa’s FAIL!

How strong is your grandpa? Or maybe, the proper way to put it is, how game is your old man? Check out this video if you want to take a quick look at this old man’s fail.

9. How to wake up your dog

Have you even noticed your little dog snores as it naps by your side? Watch this video to learn how to make your pup wake up like a real warrior but without a bite.

10. Just… keep… smiling

How far does your job take you? What are its demands? This video shows a real ‘good’ reporter ready to break the record by maintaining that professional and courteous smile even if…

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