9 Really Funny Autocorrect Mistakes

iPhone’s autocorrect is a nice and helpful tool in getting your text spell-checked, especially if you are on the corporate side, talking to your boss or other clients. But in the worst-case scenario, sometimes autocorrect does not work in the way we want it to be – often in a horrible or embarrassing manner, misspelling words and changing the meaning of your message differently, and often in a funny way. In this article, we review some of the funniest autocorrect mistakes that currently exist:

List of Really Funny Autocorrect Mistakes

Here are 9 funny autocorrect mistakes that will make you laugh:

1. Sounds Kinky


Someone was going to say he had an Italian combo ‘footlong’ but it turns out to be ‘fondling’ or ‘footlose’ due to Autocorrect, which can either be funny or awkward.

2. A Blunt Tip


When someone was meant to write ‘pencil’, it turned out to be another object that is also sharp – very hilarious and awkward.

3. Typing Excitedly


Everyone gets excited, which could lead to typing mistakes. But what happens when the Autocorrect accidently switched ‘em’ into ‘me’ on the phrase ‘Ride ‘em cowboy’?

4. The Power of One Letter


It is funny how a single letter could change the meaning of a word and of a sentence. When ‘jumping’ becomes ‘dumping’ and used for a lover’s conversation, what do you think will happen?

5. Perfect Little Girl


When the word ‘perfect’ becomes ‘pregnant’ in Autocorrect, this hilarious mother and daughter conversation is formed.

6. First and Probably Last Date


This is a somewhat hilarious conversation despair rooting from a single little iPhone Autocorrect mistake that could ruin a man’s reputation for a girl he courts.

7. Two Hours


When the word ‘origami’ becomes ‘orgasm’ and the person is talking about her brother, there is nothing more awkward than this conversation.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean


Apparently, iPhone’s Autocorrect does not know how to properly spell ‘Caribbean’, and so this funny conversation was created.

9. How Will You Be Paying?


When ‘bucks’ changes by its first letter, what happens to a conversation? It gets hilarious, of course.


Autocorrect mistakes are abundant in the web today, but these are some of the funniest ones. Feel free to share this with your friends so that they, too, can laugh themselves out!

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