Best Game Website Designs For Inspiration

What really makes a website design terrific and inspirational? Is it the contents? Is it the way it blends with the modern trends of design? Is it because of some unique elements? I’d say, when it comes to websites specifically designed for games like online games, game consoles, or gaming companies, all of the above comes into play at once.

Below are some of the best gaming website designs that should stimulate you to do better with your designs. Perhaps you may have encountered these sites long before, but putting them in a list would surely make you adore these designs—and the designers—more than before.

1. Blizzard Entertainment

Here comes the creator or the company behind the famous games like the Diablo Trilogy, Fireside Duel, and World of Warcraft. The website, upon entry, greets you directly to the featured games, but without the need for scrolling up and down. Most of the contents are hidden behind links, making the landing page a lot more pleasing, simpler, and more straightforward. Plus, there’s the animated slider banner that you’d wonder how it made itself load so fast even if you’re using an internet connection of average speed.

2. 4 Sale Gaming

A design sold by Andasolo of DeviantArt, the design can be widely called as ‘crowded’ by many, but for me, it’s just terrific. Without scrolling that much, the website design is able to feature a lot of elements including the interactive ones without looking really messed up. Elements are also very CSS-friendly, making the design a very modern and friendly interface that you’d surely come back without going too far. I am not sure if the design is also made compatible as responsive for devices, but if it would be, then it should not make that much difficulty as well.

3. SaturnPlay

Another entry offered by Andasolo, the website design uses an unusual color scheme of violet and black with some silver strikes, all in all making the webpage look modern while maintaining company identity. Again, visitors need not scroll that low to get to the contents as almost everything you need lands on the same welcome page. Though the highlight color may not be friendly for strained eyes, the appeal of the website design should still serve as a very efficient inspiration to you.

4. ClanDesign III

Another black-ish design shared by der-sebastian of DeviantArt, the ClanDesign III is a very impressive gaming website design that focuses more on content rather than iconic or abstract backgrounds and big gaming elements. The minimalized welcome banner is also set to minimum, giving bigger room to blog contents and other interactive elements. Navigation buttons are also very easily found, though the social links above can be less visible.

5. InfinityWard

This website can hardly be identified as a gaming website because of the landing contents—a screen-size slider, very few navigation buttons, and a little addition of some other elements such as link to forums. However, the website design is a good inspiration for being a deviant designer; you design in a way any other designs could possibly do. Instead of directing viewers directly to the games like the Call of Duty Ghosts, you are just greeted with a bunch of unidentified players playing cards.

6. World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Perhaps you’d argue that this is behind the Blizzard Entertainment, but I would just like to put an emphasis on how ‘properly’ the design is being done. Beginning with the elements, all you can see from the background to the navigation buttons to even the animations are all related to the game or the content. Looking a bit closer, even the background has its own minute animations like snowflakes floating around, and the faint smoke arising from the icy sword of the warrior. Better than these, the page load time isn’t that much as you’d expect.

7. Hero Online

One of the most ‘consistent’ website designs I’ve ever encounter, the landing page offered in this website gives you an instant change of mood by virtually placing you in the situation of the game play. Elements are all crafted with full details, and the call-to-action button centers the attention of the visitors with the added radiating effect. Though the less-legible texts and the load of advertisements can be really distracting, I think they are all part of the bigger design idea here.

8. Bully

This may be one of the deviant website designs you don’t want to miss even when the page is just loading. Coming with a very comical background, I’d say the website is partly modern, partly oldie. Looking from afar, you would not even think this page talks about a game, but this uniqueness makes the website design an entry to my list. There’s not a navigation bar, and the other elements… you have to look for them—or read them.

9. Forza Motorsport

Is this website talking about F1 racing, street racing, a road game for Xbox, or just a sports channel? Whatever your answer is, the landing page offered in this gaming website uses a slightly unusual approach to laying out its columns and rows. Almost all elements are easy to the eyes, but the catchiest elements are the very large, sharp photos of cars that race toward your attention. If you love car racing games and if you just drop your jaw on breathtakingly-designed cars, then visit this one for inspiration.

10. GuildWars

Ending our favourite list of website designs is that of GuildWars. The website design wins my choice for its being easy to the eyes, i.e., for reading, without any big backgrounds or distractive elements. I’d say the design itself needs a little more refinement, but the cleanliness and the elegance—they both make the landing page very friendly without the overload of contents.

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