10+ Best General Contractor Website Examples & Inspirations

The construction industry grew over the years, opening new avenues for different specializations to develop locally in many areas worldwide. However, there are still a few who are not focusing on their comfort zone and still choose to celebrate their flexibility. For general contractor businesses, we rounded up websites below that you can take the time to check and take inspiration to revamp yours. Without further ado, here are the 10+ Best General Contractor Website Examples & Inspirations.

10+ Best General Contractor Website Examples & Inspirations

1. Sunny Development Group

Sunny Development Group General Construction

With a stunning showcase of their best projects, Sunny Development Group appeals to aspiring homeowners who want to bring their dream homes to life. Since this is formatted in full-screen, it promotes an immersive experience for the target audience. Call-to-action buttons are also included on that landing page which can help trigger interaction between the audience and business. To further benefit them, they also added a quick computation comparing renting out and investing in your dream home.

2. JDG Construction

JDG Construction has a minimalist website that also works as their project gallery. Besides this, they prepared short yet impactful web copy that gets their message across to their site visitors. The subtle transition also allows a seamless immersive experience to keep the site visitors’ attention. Besides these, they also added links directed to articles which helps them rank in search engines.

3. APEX Transformations

APEX General Construction Website Examples

Elegant and luxurious, APEX Transformations understand best how to appeal to high-value clients. Backed by their impressive portfolio, they focused on flaunting their expertise along with the services they offer. Moreover, their copy is written in a persuasive conversational manner — as if communicating directly to the audience.


SBUD/Pro focused on the web experience. They added a video clip on their landing page that gives an overview not only of their team and finished projects but also a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. Furthermore, they added a quick menu on the side that allows ease in navigation should you have something specific in mind. Call-to-action buttons are also present to maximize the conversion potential.

5. CCS

CCS Construction Website

Showcasing expertise in the industry, CCS boasts of its impressive track record and uses number cues in the copy. This promotes skimmability yet still delivers the important points to the audience. At the same time, they also have a top header menu that allows quick navigation from one page to another. Graphics showing their team are also added to introduce the business and resonate with the target audience through authenticity.

6. Voscon

Voscon is another one of the best general contractor website examples you can work with. Their website uses mainly their brand colours — tones of blue. In colour psychology, this suggests serenity, peace, and trust which can definitely benefit the business. Their menu is also laid out on the right side of the landing page so there’s no need to scroll further and nurture leads.

7. Caledonian

Caledonian General Construction Website Examples

With a minimalist website, Caledonian focused on creating valuable content by selecting their best photos along with writing succinct copies. Furthermore, they limited their colours to black, white, and red. The use of red across the white background allowed it to stand out more and attract the reader’s attention more. Scrolling further, we get to witness smooth transitions that keep us interested no matter how long we stay on the page.

8. Maison Usenex

Maison Usinex leans towards a darker website theme but with a striking copy in white font colour. They played around with different elements associated with the construction business. At the same time, they added various sections to promote the services they offer along with the introduction of their team. Client satisfaction and feedback are also showcased to win over the trust of new potential clients.

9. Recycl8

Recycl8 General Construction Website Examples

Staying true to its company vision, Recycl8 uses the colour green on the majority of its website. This colour helps in their overall messaging of sustainability, growth, and expansion. Along with these meanings, they also crafted their copy to appeal to the emotions of their site visitors and encourage them to join the advocacy. A video clip is also added for a brief introduction of the business, perfect for those who do not prefer to read further.

10. Union Construction

Quite unconventional, Union Construction has an impactful general contractor website design that may keep one curious for more information. They are into modern aesthetics which encourages those who prefer unique executions. Besides this, scrolling further allows you to see the services they offer along with a few photos to give you an idea if you’re a good fit.


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