How To Generate Leads With Slideshare

In today’s world where content is king, online marketers are realizing the value of both social and visual contents. Therefore, SlideShare is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. A lot of people think that SlideShare is just a repository of PowerPoint presentations. They fail to see that it is also a powerful strategy for lead generation.

Aside from the basic SlideShare features, SlideShare Pro offers additional applications for lead generation such as LeadShare, an application wherein it is possible to imbed contact forms for lead generation within the presentation. It is possible to generate targeted leads through LeadShare.

A content-sharing professional community, SlideShare is often visited by business owners who are searching for information about their business. More often than not, these people do their research during office hours. This realization was released by Column Five Media and ComScore.

Tap Your Target Market Through SlideShare

SlideShare is an important tool to B2B lead generation. The sales cycle of B2B requires an individual to be walked through a procedure, to assimilate best practices and to take advantage of applicable case studies in order to make a buying decision. Today, there is no better way to do B2B lead generation than to use PowerPoint presentations.

Let Your Personality Show In Your Presentation

When you take advantage of SlideShare, you have to bear in mind that you have to promote your business with style in order to showcase your own personality. Just like in other sites across the internet, a bland content doesn’t generate revenues.

If your presentation contains only texts, your readers will find it dry and probably won’t spend time to go through the whole presentation.

Take Advantage Of SlideShare’s Salient Features

When you make a presentation using PowerPoint in the real world, it is only a visual tool. However, hosting your presentation on SlideShare means that you can’t speak about your presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation must stand for itself. Therefore, using a lot of images can make your SlideShare presentation interesting and attractive.

You can share your SlideShare presentation on Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You also have the option to make the presentation private. You can also embed audio and video in your presentation. Aside from it, SlideShare also makes it possible for you to embed your presentation to your blog or website. By doing so, your presentations will have increased exposure.

Your SlideShare presentation can also be search engine optimized. The slides can be transformed into transcripts which come with your presentations. If you understand SEO techniques and principles, your presentation can also rank well on search engines.

Also, you can mark favorite presentations, comment, and email content. You can also follow other SlideShare members. Just like other social media platforms, you are given an opportunity to create your own community as well as recognize and interact with others.

Lastly, you can sign up with a SlideShare paid account if you want to take advantage of other SlideShare features specifically the LeadShare tool. This tool is beneficial because you’ll be able to connect with your potential customers. When a viewer downloads your presentation, he will have to fill up a contact form first. The contact form will also be visible within the presentation so that viewers can fill it out. If your presentation is embedded in a forum, website, or blog, the contact form will also be visible within the presentation. The Pay-Per-Lead plan also provides for an opportunity for you to customize your own contact form. You can even ask questions and keep your viewers engaged when you take advantage of this plan.

Target The Underserved Market

A lot of SlideShare content is technical in nature. If you’re also addressing the same target market, you’ll probably compete with the majority of SlideShare members. However, if your PowerPoint presentation is about some obscure topic, you’ll find a focused yet smaller target audience. There’ll be less competition and you’ll probably convert these viewers to customers.

If you want to establish yourself as an authority, you have to endorse the ideas of others. The other thought leaders will most probably do the same for you. Follow these thought leaders and learn to share their presentations as well. When you create your presentations, you have to ensure that links and contact information are included because this will generate traffic to your website, landing pages, and media outlets. Your contact information must be placed at the end of each presentation. On each final slide, you also have to include a call to action for your viewers.

Create An Effective Presentation

SlideShare is a great tool for lead generation. However, you won’t be able to take advantage of it if you don’t create a compelling PowerPoint presentation. Although SlideShare is capable of embedding videos and other media, its best selling point is still an effective slideshow. If you want a compelling presentation, you have to let it speak for itself. When you create your slideshow, you have to be careful with its design. Attractive graphics are the most viewed presentations. Therefore, you have to ensure that you include quality fonts and powerful images into your slideshow.

Your presentation must exemplify simplicity. Your presentation must be direct to the point. As much as possible, don’t be too wordy with your slideshow. The PowerPoint presentation must be logical and must adhere to best known content marketing practices.

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