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WordPress is a major content management system used by both big and small brands. It powers 26% of the websites online today and most of these are major brands like TechCrunch and New York Post. Someone running a busy site might want to keep it working seamlessly, and for this you need support services. You might opt for hiring professionals to add them to your team so they can help you manage your WordPress site, but sometimes rarely gives the results you want. The best decision you can make is to contract companies that specialize in WordPress support services. Here are few companies you will find a perfect choice.


ClickWP offers WordPress support services that target small businesses and bloggers. They offer basic tech support and daily backups. They also perform security monitoring and offer plug-in and core updates to keep your site running smoothly. They are not focused on large businesses and they state clearly that their support services are suited to small upcoming businesses. When you launch a new business, they are the best support team you can get that will hold your hand all the way to ensure you grow your enterprise through perfect streamlined performance.


For both small and large businesses, FixMyWP comes as the most suitable choice. They serve businesses of all sizes and offer reliable WordPress support services. Their range of services includes spam clearing, plugin updates, database optimization, backup, WordPress updates, and email support around the clock. However, due to the fact they also target established businesses, their service offering is a bit costlier, so if you are a small business starting on a tight budget you might find their service on the higher side.


GoWP is designed to serve small businesses and agencies and they provide unlimited support services for different categories of tasks. They also do security monitoring and skilled support during business hours. You will also get plugin updates, WordPress tutorials, and daily backups to keep your data secured. Good thing about the service is their pricing model which is flexible and suited to different categories of businesses.

WP Curve

WP Curve is suited to medium-sized businesses and up, so if you have a small business this service might be a bit expensive. Their service offering includes detailed notes for jobs, support around the clock, and unlimited small jobs. This is one of the most experienced WordPress support service you will find around, and their service is reliable for established businesses. In the past three years, they have completed more than 44,000 jobs. However, to benefit from their service you need to register to a minimum contract, which could come with a heavy requirement for investment yet little payoff if your business is not set for services.

Many sites across the internet rely on WordPress for content management and hosting, and it has grown to become a perfect place for hosting businesses and organizations. With the growth WordPress has experienced, it has become necessary to have support teams to manage sites hosted on the platform as there are many plug-ins and updates that have to be made to ensure the site runs smoothly. The support services highlighted above are a perfect solution when you need WordPress support services.

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