get tesla model s for free with templatemonster social stock’s contest

Opinions about the use of social platforms differ.

While psychologies are concerned about the general addiction to social media, others consider it an effective a valuable means to find new contacts, let the wide audience know about a new product or service, and simply find new friends. What’s more, social media can help you earn your living and win cool prizes.

The latter, by the way, is the main objective of this post.

TemplateMonster, the world’s known provider of quality website templates, has initiated a campaign for social media addicts. Called Social Stock, this is kinda contest, as part of which you can help your social media friends save 10% on the purchase of TemplateMonster’s themes and complete for winning Harley Davidson Street, Tesla Model S, Apple devices or more cool prizes.

Social Stock is a one-year old project. Ending on December 31st, it provides you with lots of possibilities to get awesome rewards with minimum investment.

Basically, all that you need to do is just communicating with your social media followers and sharing useful and at the same time entertaining stuff with them.

Social Stock Contest Terms & Conditions

In order to become a participant of the contest, go to the official Social Stock page, enter your email address, then go your email inbox and find your unique 10% promo-code there.

No matter if you have ever purchased anything from TemplateMonster or it’s the first time that you hear about the company, you can get registered and start sharing discounts with your online community.

The offer will be of great use to web developers, designers, programmers and simply those users who enjoy web design. The code is valid for all themes from the inventory and can be used for an unlimited number of times.

As a participant of the contest, you are interested in the active enrollment of your friends in the process.

The more times your promo-code is used, the more points you will get on your account. Each sale equals 1 point. The total number of your points can be tracked in the corresponding field in your personal Social Stock account. Here is how it looks like.

Tesla Template Monster

When entering your promo-code and clicking “check” you will see a list of prizes that you can win. Next to each prize, there is an exchange button, which turns green as soon as you collect enough points for an exchange. Here is the complete list of rewards:

  • $100 on your PayPal account for 10 sales
  • Smartwatch Pebble for 20 sales
  • iPad Mini for 50 sales
  • iPhone 6 for 100 sales
  • Canon EOS 6D for 250 sales
  • Macbook Pro for 500 sales
  • Harley-Davidson Street for 1,000 sales
  • Tesla Model S for 10,000 sales

As soon as you collect enough points for, say, Smartwatch Pebble, you can press the exchange button next to it and the system will automatically withhold the number of points equals to its value.

How to provide discounts to your followers?

You do not need to write or draw anything on your own. TemplateMonster has stuffed your Social Stock profile with everything that you will need. Thus, you will get a set of memes, social media banners and pre-written email texts.

All of this content can be shared on your social media pages right from the Social Stock profile. Just pick the meme or text that comes to your liking, add your unique promo-code there and press social sharing buttons to spread the word online.

The contest will end on December 31st, so you still have plenty of time to enroll and win the prizes of your dreams.

The more active you are online, the bigger chances to gain more valuable rewards you’ll have. So, we wish you good luck and thousands of sales with your discount!

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