7 Methods To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired On Elance

Elance is a website for those looking for help with certain jobs (contractors or employers), as well as those providing this help, otherwise known as providers or contractual/regular employees. However, employees that have just signed up for the service can find it tough to get hired for the first time, especially as they have no feedback to show employers. If you are among these individuals, consider the tips below.

1. Update your information constantly

Updating your information will work to your advantage in showing employers that you continue to improve your skills and gain more knowledge in your field of work. All of this is apparent through your Elance profile, so see to it that you update it as needed. Make sure that your profile is not lacking in information, is well-written, and does not have any grammatical or typographical errors. Doing this tells an employer or potential employer that you will be handling the work they give you in a similar fashion. Also remember to use power words to catch the attention of employers, and carefully choose keywords, so you are found by employers seeking the type of help that you can provide.

2. Amaze them

Those looking into getting hired will need to present themselves uniquely, to make it easy for employers to remember them. This is done most easily by writing an amazing cover letter and proposal; this leaves a good first impression. Plan how you should write your cover letter and proposal, and let the employer know exactly how you will be helping his/her business. Do not hesitate to include details, and set a main channel by which you could communicate with your employer.

3. Pass tests with flying colors

In Elance, there are different skill tests provided, which aim to show employers one’s skill level. Passing these with flying colors effortlessly tells an employer that you have the skills needed to get the job done, and of course, if you score high in a certain skill test, your chances of getting employed are higher than those that scored less in the test.

4. Become a group member

Getting noticed can be easier if you are part of a group. Think about this in terms of affiliation. If you work with other group members that are highly talented, then you are instantly part of a power group.

5. Apply to the job as soon as possible

Do not procrastinate before applying for a job. If you are exactly who they are looking for, contact the employer immediately and let him or her know immediately. Also consider proposals that are sponsored. Applying as soon as possible also places your application near the top of the pile.

6. Always consider your reputation

Many employers now have the habit of checking potential employees’ Facebook pages, as doing this usually reveals the true character of employees. This is why it is important to always remain vigilant about how you might be perceived by a future employer.

7. Build your network

Finally, make sure that you have a strong network. You could use your network for getting work done fast. Synchronize your contacts as much as possible, so it will be easy for you to contact the people that you work with.

Finding work on Elance or any other website is not rocket science – provided that you consider the abovementioned steps in boosting your chances of getting employed. And with hard work and awareness of what employers are looking for, you will be sure to land your first Elance job soon enough.

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