Getting Started With Your Kadence Child Theme Tutorial: The Basics

Getting started with your WordPress website can be tricky at first. There are so many things to consider, such as finding the right theme to go with your website. Kadence is one of the rising themes on WordPress with its lightweight capacity and tutorials. Moreover, Kadence tutorials can be found with the simplest instructions in customizing and utilizing the most out of the theme.

Kadence WordPress Theme

Kadence is notably one of the go-to themes on WordPress today. Kadence theme bridges the gaps between a free WordPress theme and the flexibility of customized features. There are also infinite plugins to utilize to create the website you need.

What is Child Theme?

Hundreds of people dread the supposed complexity of the Child Theme, but it is a lot more simple than it sounds. A Child Theme essentially inherits the features and styles of its parent theme, which in this case is Kadence. In fact, anyone can look up Kadence tutorials on child themes for a clear step-by-step guide to installation and customization.

Kadence Child Theme: Installation Process

The installation process is pretty simple. It just takes tons of patience to get there.

Step 1: On your WordPress dashboard to Appearance, select Themes, click on Add New, search for Kadence, and install. 

Step 2: There is no need to activate since we will be using the child theme. Head over to plugins, add new, search for kadence starter, choose Started Templates by Kadence WP, install and click activate. 

Step 3: Go back to appearance themes. You should download your theme to your laptop/desktop and have a downloaded zip folder. Open your zipped folder. Go back to your WordPress, click add new, upload a theme, and install. 

Step 4: Once you start uploading your theme, check if the parent Kadence theme is already uploaded and activate the theme. Go to starter templates to input the demo content, click on your theme, a pop-up window will appear, and click start importing. 

This process can take a while. If you do encounter any errors, try simple troubleshooting

Easy Set Up For Your Kadence Home & Blog Pages

setting up your kadence child themed home and blog page

Your home and blog page display will have several options to choose from depending on which Kadence Child Theme you have installed. It only takes a few simple steps to get started on your home & blog pages.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your WordPress dashboard and select Reading.

Step 2: On the Your Homepage Displays and select the static page.

Step 3: From the first dropdown option, feel free to select which Home Page display you want to use on your website.

Step 4: Next, on the Post Page option, select Blog Page.

Customize Your Kadence Child Theme

Kadence tutorials are everywhere. It comes in especially handy with full customizations of your website. 

On your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance and select Customize. You are already on your customizer, which shows you the different ways you can design your website. Most of the modifications can be manipulated from the header to the menu to the site’s color palette and more.

Add Content to Your Site and Tailor-Make Your Pages

A website’s content is like someone’s personality, looks may capture someone’s interest but its content is what makes them stay and come back. Adding content to your Kadence child theme is quite simple. 

From your WordPress dashboard > page (select a page you’d like to customize, for example, your homepage) > edit and see the options available for customization on the right panel. You can even add content directly as you go. In other words, as you tailor-make how you want your image to look, you can already add the images you’d want to show off on your website. Another could be the block styles of the content and the font styles that go with it.

The most important rule in tailor-making your pages is to be experimental with the options available to you.

Level Up Your Kadence Child Theme with Block Collection

During any customization phase of your website creation, anyone can make the mistake of accidentally deleting the wrong sections. Or there’s also the dreaded task of copying and pasting section blocks to create a cohesive website. But no worries, there’s an easier way to achieve your problems with the Theme Block Collections. 

Steps: On your WordPress dashboard > Pages and select a page you want to edit. Click on Design Library > select the theme, and pick which one you’d want to import whether it is a category, page, or section. It will automatically show up on your page.

To summarize, Kadence themes offer a wide range of possibilities for a website, especially with a child theme. Also, the best way to find the best aesthetic for your website is to explore and experiment. Although, if you’re still unsatisfied and would like to hire a professional, we’ve got you covered

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