godaddy web hosting review

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

Whether you’re a startup blogger or an experienced one, your following will most likely depend on only two things.

These are the quality of your content and the quality of your website.

Content quality is something you can, however, pick up and/or develop.

One way you can set yourself aside from others is by leveraging your website. To do this, you need to partner with a decent host.

GoDaddy is a name you may or may not have heard of.

The company has been in the hosting industry for decades and is endorsed by tons of celebrities all over the world. By signing up with them, you get tons of freebies amounting to hundreds of dollars.

But the real question here is, how is the quality of their service? Are they reliable? Are they responsive? Are they easy to use?

Take a look below to see what real GoDaddy users have to say:

Review #1 By April Mims – April Mims blogs healthy, clean eating recipes that are perfect for busy families. She is an advocate for real, unprocessed foods and encourages readers to change their diets and feel the amazing effects that a real food diet creates.

April Mims

I have been a GoDaddy customer since October 2012 for my website

I initially started as a WordPress site and was not self-hosted but switched over to self-hosted in late 2013/early 2014.

Because this was my first foray into the world of blogging and website design, I was hesitant to go the self-hosted route at first.

I initially selected GoDaddy as my hosting provider because I was familiar with their name and felt they had a good reputation.

Due to my lack of experience, I struggled with the conversion to self-hosted but GoDaddy support was extremely helpful in helping me with the issues I was having and helped me have a successful switchover.

Reliability 8/10

For the most part, GoDaddy has been reliable. There has been minimal downtime but I was aware of a couple of brief outages. Service was quickly restored, but I depend on my provider to be more reliable and have consistent up-time. In one recent issue, I was unable to log in to my dashboard for several hours. Even after resetting my password, I wasn’t able to log in. After contacting GoDaddy support, they said it was WordPress. However, I use another host for a different website and was able to log on through WordPress.

Features 9/10

I have the basic features that I need for my website but have found that many features offered by GoDaddy are at an extra charge. I would prefer more features be included with the basic hosting package.

Pricing 10/10

GoDaddy is one of the lowest cost providers that I have found. For one year of managed WordPress hosting, I pay $12.97. Email is an additional $60 for up to five email addresses.

Technical Support 8/10

I have had to call technical support on several different occasions. Most of the time technical support was able to quickly solve the issue I was calling about. My chief complaint with technical support is that there was always a long wait on hold to reach someone. They offer chat, online support and speaking with a live person but there was usually a 10+ minute hold time. They do offer a call back option which is helpful. Once being able to reach an actual person, they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Security 9/10

As far as I know, my site has been secure and I have never been hacked. However, because of the issue I mentioned earlier about being unable to log in to my dashboard, I am slightly uncertain whether this was a security issue or not. The message I received was “Too many failed login attempts. Please try again in 24 hours”.

Overall 9/10

Overall, I am satisfied with GoDaddy hosting. The only issues I’ve had with them have been fairly minor and quickly resolved. They provide a good value for the price and are well supported by technical support.

Review #2 By Antionette Blake – April Mims blogs healthy, clean eating recipes that are perfect for busy families. She is an advocate for real, unprocessed foods and encourages readers to change their diets and feel the amazing effects that a real food diet creates.

  • What plan/package do you have? Economy plan

  • How long have you been with them? Since May 2013

  • Approximately how much traffic do you get per month? 5900 page views per month

  • Who was your previous host? How would you compare them to your current one? (only answer if you had one)
    GoDaddy has always been my host

Support: 10/10

GoDaddy Review

When changing to self-hosting I was still relatively a new blogger so I often struggled with understanding the options available to make my blog better.

After signing up with GoDaddy, at first I was a bit hesitant to call customer support with questions for fear of being treated like “bumbling blogger.”

However, each time I called and trust me in the beginning there were a lot of calls, each representative put me at ease and literally “held my hand” as they walked me through the process.

Each of them deserved a star and I made sure to always complete the online survey afterwards expressing my satisfaction with customer service.

Features: 10/10

The features provided by GoDaddy are awesome, there are so many options available that it doesn’t matter if you are a new blogger or a well established one, there are products to fit everyone’s needs. I also like that they send emails on updates or upgrades that may be beneficial for my blog and they are NOT those “BUY ME!” spammy emails.

GoDaddy offers more than Hosting packages, you can purchase domain names including the specialty ones with the unique extensions such as .club .today and .me. GoDaddy offers website design and building, online store set-up as well as email services.

Whatever you need to get started with your online presence, it’s available, it’s like an al-la carte menu with no pressure to purchase products that you don’t need or want. If you do place an order for a product that you realize you don’t need, like I did, a quick call to customer support and they will quickly refund your money. A+

Uptime, Value, Extras: 9/10

My site went down only once but it was for almost 24 hours which set me into a panic mode, however, GoDaddy restored service then everything was right with the world. The value for their products and services I believe are on par with what they provide and their extras run the gamut from Professional Investor Tools to Logo Design, a one-stop-shop for all, again with an A+ rating.

Overall Experience: 10/10

I am giving GoDaddy a 10 out of 10 rating mainly because of their customer support representatives. Customer Satisfaction is #1 in my book and when I call for assistance I don’t like waiting, or being treated or spoken to like a knucklehead. There was one particular time that I called during the Christmas/New Years holiday because I was trying to back up my files and the representative stayed on the phone with me for over 45 minutes.

As the files transferred we spoke about family and when the conversation ended after the successful transfer of files, I felt as though the rep was an old friend. She did not put me on hold every 5 minutes or ask to hang up as the transfer was occurring, I definitely felt like a valued customer who mattered.

Thank you GoDaddy, now can we talk about those Super Bowl Commercials – FAIL!

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