7 Google Adsense Alternatives To Make More Money Online

Google AdSense is no doubt the most powerful and surest way to earn money online.

It offers a publishing program that lets advertisers place ads on other peoples’ website. When someone visits that website or click their ads, the website owner earns passive income during the process.

As great Google AdSense as it is, it’s not a secret that this program lays out stringent and hard-to-meet requirements.

Not all people who apply to Good AdSense get approved.

If you’re one of them or you simply want to look for other programs, check out this list. I have gathered some of the best alternatives to Google AdSense here. Check them out!

Google Adsense Alternative

1. Infolinks


Infolinks is the 3rd largest monetization network in the world today, right after Google AdSense and Amazon Associates. Infolinks generates high revenue for over 200,000 bloggers and site owners in more than 130 countries every month since 2007. Designed and tested to overcome banner blindness and to deliver true results, Infolinks free to use and smart ads target user intent and thus achieve the highest engagement in the industry. Their native ads blend seamlessly into the site’s look and feel, and work with all other ad solutions without interfering with the user’s experience!

From engaging contextual and video ads, to effective display banners – Infolinks’ customizable ad products will guarantee you make the most out of your site. As usual, the higher the traffic of your site or page – the revenue from Infolinks will be higher. Furthermore, since it doesn’t have any setup fees or minimum page rank, and it doesn’t require a base amount of visitors, it is also ideal for small and medium publishers, slow-building bloggers and new start-ups. Lastly, due to the super quick-approval application process Infolinks provides, you can begin monetizing your blog as soon as possible.

The advertisers for Infolinks are selected based on quality, so as an Infolinks publisher you can enjoy premium ads by: Microsoft, ebay, Amazon, Taboola, HP, Ali Express, Go Daddy, Facebook and many more.

2. Chitika

Chitika ads

Chitika’s ads can integrate into your website in a very seamless and less stressful way. This allows publishers maximize their earnings without so much trouble. Chitika offers a free account, your choice of ad type, low payment threshold, top-notch advertisers, innovative ad technology, and intuitive RTB platform.

Chitika is founded in 2003 and it has received a lot of accolades and recognitions since then. Chitika is able to show ads that are only relevant to customers. Today, there are about 350,000 publishers working with Chitika and over four billion ads being served per month. So you can see that you will be in good hands if ever you decide to work with this company.

3. Bidvertisers

Bidvertiser ads

You can get paid for clicks and conversions when you sign up with Bidvertisers. The advertising model of this company is unique. When you place the BidVertiser ads on your website, advertisers will then bid against each other. The one with the highest bid will have the opportunity to grab your advertising space. This allows you to get the maximum earnings from your website.

Bidvertisers started way back in 2003. They are best known for their ability to empower advertisers in deciding how, when, and where they ads should appear to potential and real customers. Bidvertisers operate within a strict and high standard. They regularly and manually check each website to ensure that both advertisers and publishers yield maximum results.

4. Sovrn

Sovrn promises its publishers that they can earn faster with their platform. They offer a wide variety of advertising services such as a static display, video, and mobile ads. These advertising services reach both domestic and international traffic. With the advanced data-driven yield optimization, you’ll surely get greater returns.

The main mission of Sovrn is to allow publishers practice their craft while earning from what they are passionate about. Souvrn provides the right technology to let publishers see how their website is being viewed and valued by advertisers.

5. ShareASale

With speed, efficiency, and accuracy, it’s not a big surprise why thousands of publishers and advertisers trust ShareASale. They have been in the Internet marketing industry for 16 years now.

There are a lot of merchants that you can promote from this website. So whatever your niche maybe, you’ll surely find a merchant that you can advertise. Some of the top categories of ShareASale include accessories, business, classifieds, art, music, photography, automotive, computers, electronics, clothing, online dating, and a lot more.

6. VigLink

You can use your website, network, and influence to earn more money through VigLink. The company makes it very easy for you to enable ads to pop up on your website. All you have to do is to add one line of code to your site and let VigLink do its magic. The advertising technology of VigLink is able to identify relevant terms and phrases and add complementing ads. This will allow you to maximize earnings.

Founded in 2009, VigLink is among the fast-growing companies as they are backed by prominent investors such as Google Ventures, Emergence Capital, and RRE. As of this writing, there are over 300,000 sites and apps that VigLink now handles. On top of that, VigLink has an advertiser network of over 40,000 merchants.

The main aim of VigLink is to link publishers, consumers, and companies. This creates an environment of harmony where all major players win all throughout the process.

7. Newor Media

Newor Media focuses on using premium partnerships and AI technology to get you the most revenue possible while staying true to user experience and site speed. They offer an extensive array of ad types and will even assist publishers in creating winning layouts. In addition to the basics (ad help, of course), included in their system are a consent management platform (so you don’t have to worry about pesky privacy laws), Adblock revenue recovery, and other revenue-generating solutions.

They have a traffic requirement of 30,000 unique users per month and don’t hold publishers to contracts or exclusivity agreements. So if you’re not ready to leave AdSense, you can use both! They impressively boast publishers can see a 50-200% boost in revenue when switching. They have a free online earnings calculator to help you get started.


These are some of the top Google AdSense alternatives that you should know. While Google AdSense may provide the best deals out there, you surely don’t want to miss what the others are offering. With the right advertising strategies, skills, and goals, you’ll succeed with these alternatives as much as you will with Google AdSense.

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