using google+: quick questions & answers (plus tips & tricks)

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus (or Google+) as a social network is somewhat new to the people..

.. and essentially has its unique sets of features and uses.

Moreover, despite being newer to the leading networks as mentioned, Google Plus is always getting the heat.

Why? Not only because it’s from Google (which is the best search engine in the world), but because it possesses unique powers to make your fanbase and thus your website grow.

If you’re new to Google+, you’re surely expected to have that kind of intimidation as a beginner. Moreover, unlike most social networks, you also won’t get the usual functions and intuitiveness.

I’m not saying that using Google+ is hard, but that you should learn how good it is as well and take into you its best uses. One key example here is the comparative ‘like’ function of Google+ in the form of ‘+1.’

Once you discovered how it truly works, I bet you’re not going to miss using Google+ from now on in your marketing schemes.

Using Google Plus - Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Google Plus: FAQ + Tips & Tricks (View All In Lists)

Included below are the same questions I had when I first started with Google Plus so I thought sharing them with you would be helpful. Most titles are clickable so if you want a more detailed answer, just click on the provided link for full tutorial (with screenshots, of course).

Q: Why Google Plus? How does it impact my Google Search Rankings?

Not only is Google+ a product of the largest search engine Google, but it’s also much more than your typical social network. Here are some reasons why you need consider Google+ as a part of your marketing strategy:

  • Personalized Search Results. It may not impact your Google rankings directly but because of the info that Google can gather from people’s activities on Google+, their searches can be more personalized based on their interests, background, preferences, location, and demographics.
  • Higher visibility in SERPs. Sharing your website’s content to your G+ profile and having it +1’d by your contacts will greatly increase the chances of your content to appear higher on Google search results, especially by your own connections and by those who are following the people who +1’d it. These social signals are detected by Google Search so posts that are well-liked and shared a lot can have greater impact in terms of placement on search engine results.
  • Get Indexed Faster. Your posts on Google+ get to be indexed faster on Google search results. The links are thus given added credibility and authority. Your profile page is also treated as a regular webpage, which is why the links get increased visibility. Here’s an example of an indexed Google+ post I added 17 hours ago:

    Google Plus posts in SERPs

  • Get More Clicks. According to sources, implementing Google Authorship can increase your click-through rates by 30% to 150% or more. Displaying a head shot and a real name will not only help you stand out from the rest, it also makes you look more credible – thus more attractive to searchers.

Q: How do I prettify my Google Plus profile?

Attract more targeted followers by optimizing your profile. Make sure you have a personalized cover photo, update your ‘About section’, verify your email, use vanity URL (custom URL), add a trendy tagline: include your interests or occupation (e.g. Digital Strategist. Social Media. Web Design.) and lastly, add your website and social media links.

Q: How do I optimize my Google+ post?

If you aim to increase your reach, treat your Google+ as your ‘mini’ blog. A great post contains high-quality image, appropriate #hashtags & an interesting description. Use text formatting wisely, always give credit where it’s due and include your site link to your post (if applicable). Click here for a live example.

Q: How do I increase my followers?

Here’s what I do to get around 100-150+ Google plus followers a day:

  • First off, you need to complete your profile. You don’t want to look like a creep, so make sure you include your real name, personal photo and a great cover photo at least.
  • Contribute. Post useful and valuable content consistently but do not spam. Participate in communities within your interests. Help people.
  • Don’t be a snob! Be friendly and nice. Talk to your G+ buddies and make meaningful comments. Reshare other people’s awesome content.
  • Join public circles. Although this one won’t really get you targeted followers, being in a shared circle will greatly increase your followers. A lot of Google+ users with large followings share circles every week and if you want to get included in their circles, all you have to do is to follow their rules. I also do that with my co-host here every Wednesday. Read on to see where you can find shared circles. Here’s an example of how a shared circle looks like: Shared Public Circle
  • Other experts says: Participate in hangouts and add Google+ badge to your site.

Q: How do I format a text in my post?

Make sure to use these wisely!

  • Use *Text Here* to bold a text
  • Use _Text Here_ to italicize a text.
  • Use -Text Here- to strikethrough a text.

You may also combine them! Here are some examples:

  • Use *-Bold Strikethrough-* to do this: Bold Strikethrough
  • Use *_Bold Italic_* to do this: Bold Italic
  • Use -_Italic Strikethrough_- to do this: Italic Strikethrough
  • Use *_-Bold Italic Strikethrough_-* to do everything: Bold Strikethrough

Here’s a live example:

Q: How do I get the permalink to my post?

Right click on the timestamp of your post, then select “Copy Link Address” or “Copy Link Location”. Or simply click the drop down arrow at the top right of your post and select “Link to a Post”. Look how I get the link to Ralf’s post:

Get Permalink Post in Google Plus

Q: What’s the difference between “In your circles” and “Have you in circles”?

“In your circle” are the people you follow (or added) while “Have you in circles” are those people who follows you.

Q: Why can’t I see or add a shared circle?

Remember, you need to use your computer to be able to do that. View the post then hit “Add People” button to add ALL at ONCE. You should see something like this:

Mass Add A Circle

Q: Where can I find more shared circles to add?

Good question! You can add find more shared circles in our community (new circle every Wednesday) or through Circle Me up! or here.

Q: How do I know if someone is following me back?

You should see a little circular arrow button like this:

follow back Google+

Q: How do I share my own circle to my Google Plus profile?

To share a public circle on your profile stream: Go back to your home page > click the “Home” menu at the top left navigation then select “People” > Click “Your Circles” > At the bottom of your screen, click on the circle you want to share > Click “Actions” > Select “Share this circle”.

Share Circle To My Profile

Q: How do I add people back who added me ALL at once? (mass add)

Go back to your Google plus homepage > Click “Home” from the top menu and select “People” > Click “Added You” from the left navbar > Click “Add All (XXX)” at the top right of your screen.

Q: How do I bookmark posts?

You have to create an empty circle then every time you reshare a post from people you follow, share it with that empty circle you’ve created. Here’s how you create an empty circle: In your homepage, click “Home” from the top menu > click “Your Circles” > click “+” circular button > add a name for the circle > click “Empty Circle”. Voila! Now when you’re about to reshare a post, share it to that empty circle instead of “public”.

Q: I heard I can add a do-follow links on Google Plus?

Yes! You can add do-folow links on your “Intro” in About section and whenever you share a link post, make sure you click the “link” button to add your URL.

Q: How do I send a private message to someone?

To send a private message, you can use the share box and change the “public” to a specific person when sharing a message. Here’s an example:

follow back Google+

Q: Is there any way to stop getting notifications from a particular post?!

To stop getting any updates from a particular post, click on the post you don’t want to get a notifications from > click on the drop down arrow > select “Mute Post”.

Stop Getting Notications from Particular Posts

Q: How do I stop getting notifications from someone?

If you don’t wish to receive any more notifications from someone, view their profile > click the drop down arrow icon below the profile photo > select “Mute XXX”

stop getting notifications from someone

I hope you don’t mute me though! 😉

Q: How do I view comments on my post that were marked as spam by Google?

In your post, click the “drop down arrow” icon to view all comments > click “Show comments removed as spam” > click “Restore”

Q: How do I disable reshares or comments for my posts?

There’s two method for that:

  • When you’re about to share a post: Click the “drop down” arrow and select either “Disable comments” or “Disable reshares”.
  • When your post is already live: View your post > click the “drop down” arrow icon > select “Disable comments” or “Disable reshares”.

Here’s an example:

Disable reshares and comments google plus

Q: Is there any way I can disable +1’s in my posts as well?

Unfortunately, that feature is not available as of yet.

Q: How do I view all people who +1’d or reshared my post?

In your post, click the “drop down” arrow and select “View post activity”.

Q: How do I search for communities I’d love?

In your homepage, click the “Home” from the top menu bar > select “Communities” > either click the “Recommended for you” or use the search bar.

Q: How do I track the amount of followers I get every day?

I use Circlecount app for that. Sign up, login using your Google+ account > click “You” from the menu bar > scroll down until you see this: track Google Plus follower count

Q: How do I directly notify people about my posts?

When you’re about to share a post, add specific people or select the circles you want to share your post with. Here’s an example:

notify people about posts

Warning: Do not abuse this feature as you might annoy people, so use wisely!

Q: Is it possible to embed a post on my website?

Yes, you can do that like how you embed a tweet from twitter. Click on the “drop down” arrow on your post > click “Embed post”.

Q: Why can’t I add any more people in my circles?

If you can’t follow any more people, it’s either you follow users more than you have followers or you’ve reached your daily limit, try again tomorrow!

The Very Basics

Here are the basics, which I believe most of you may already know about this. Just head to the given links for full details!

Got questions? Please leave on the comments below and I’ll try my best to help!

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