Google Webmaster Tools – Improve Your Online Visibility

Google, among its other useful services also provides certain web-related functions that can help you monitor and improve your online presence.

Google Webmaster Tools (my fave tool!) is a free of charge web service that basically provides a wide spectrum of information regarding your site’s visibility and correct operation. A correct analysis of this information can give you hints as to how to make your website more visible in Google’s rankings, among other things.

How to make good use of Google Webmaster tools:

  1. It allows you to check any site issues or anomalies through its diagnostics tools.
  2. You can register information pertaining to your web domain so that Google will improve how visible your website is in Google’s search results pages.
  3. It lists the number of views your site receives on Google as well as other relevant statistical numbers.
  4. It let’s you handle basic preferences as to how you want Google to manage your website when it comes up in its results.
  5. You can see how people come to access your website after they perform a Google search. It gives you a detailed report on how many web searches list your website and also, you can see out of those search results pages how many clicks did your website got.
  6. Another helpful and much needed information you can access is the Google Page Rank for your website according to particular keywords and search results people perform.
  7. It shows content analysis, for instance if there are any duplicated titles or content, this will be shown in your Content analysis report.
  8. Crawl Diagnostics is yet another important feature; it tells you whether Google has any problem indexing your webpage. If not then it can present it in relevant Google search results.
  9. A useful feature of the Google Webmaster tools is that you can view all external links that direct traffic to your website as well as the anchor texts used for those links.

Why you should be using Google Webmaster Tools

For every small to medium business or any other personal website you wish to properly promote, Google Webmaster Tools offers useful information. Things like website ranking and visibility, indexing issues and statistics, keywords as well as internal and external linking to your website.

Although Google Webmaster Tools are limited to providing information and an overall picture, without actually allowing you to change it, still it provides crucial hints as to how to proceed in improving your online presence for increased popularity that will translated into bigger sales/earnings.

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