23 great google plus cover examples of social media pros

Have you thought of why you fancy beautiful cover photos or pages for your social networks such as Facebook?

Many of us are tempted to do so because we always want feedback (likes, comments, etc.) from your friends and even from people that we don’t know.


.. when it comes to ‘business,’ that is, social media marketing, you might want to look at that thing from a different vantage point.

Being a social media marketer, you’re entitled to the job of being a ‘marketer’ in its full essence. You’re expected to deliver the best possible results in a shorter amount of time.

You’re demanded to convert your visitors to subscribers at the given means. One of the very powerful means that you’re probably enjoying is using Google+. Your cover photo is like your business attire, hence it must be fabricated from the best materials available. Why don’t you look at these Google Plus cover photo examples and get inspired?

23 Examples Of Awesome Google plus covers That Work

23 Awesome Examples of Google Plus Cover Photos By Social Media Pros

Here are some awesome examples I’ve gathered to inspire and help you generate ideas for your next cover photo. Each has unique and interesting cover image that represents who they are and what they work with.

1. David Amerland

Of course, David uses his super marketing skills by taking advantage of his cover photo to promote not only his books, but also a ‘desk’ saying that he’s serious with his work. A cup of coffee, some (e)books to start with, and a book he sells—don’t you think you can really trust him?

David Amerland

2. Robert Ryan

I love how Robert’s default picture matches his cover photo but I love it even more when he didn’t need to add gazillion words to get noticed because a simple logo with an attention-grabbing color will already do. This guy definitely knows how to brand himself!

Robert Ryan

3. Martin Shervington

Like Robert, Martin likes to keep it simple but powerful – using a bright and catchy color backdrop with a high-resolution logo.

Martin Shervington

4. Mia Voss

With a lovely yet less-bright background, some cool thumbnails, and a logo saying that she’s up to some buisness, you can easily tell what Mia is all about in her eye-catching and unique cover photo.

Mia Voss

5. Rebekah Radice

See how Rebekah is so simple yet straightforward about her expertise. Being a strategist, you can easily learn from her instantly here (look at the straightforward-ness of the content, without loss for the necessary details). No jargons needed!

Rebekah Radice

6. John Lee Dumas

John’s cover photo design is my favorite! Famous people in his cover photo? Definitely an attention grabber! Won’t you get curious too with what and how he does this?!

John Lee Dumas

7. Neal Schaffer

Ah, another attention grabber! Author. Speaker. Consultant. Those are the first things that caught my eye! Don’t try to miss out the ‘+’ symbol before his name. You know what to do next when you meet him in Google+!

Neal Schaffer

8. Brian Clark

Though there’s not much details here (even the contact details which may seem essential), keeping things a lot simpler makes him really more special and interesting. A great way to let people know about his new business!

Brian Clark

9. Jay Baer

Jay Baer uses a simple but persuasive cover photo by adding his face (credibility), his book (an outcome of his effort), and some few details (communicating link between you and his work).

Jay Baer

10. Daz Thornton (Dr Daz)

This very iconic cover photo doesn’t speak so much about what he does, but it’s in fact a fantastic way that he knows how to present something in a very aesthetic yet content-centered appeal. Ask him more about it!

Daz Thornton (Dr Daz)

11. Alex Mandossian

The GIF cover photo of Alex here looks full of sense: you immediately know what he does and how good he talks. Plus, the website is also included, just in case you want to follow him from somewhere else.

Alex Mandossian

12. Danielle Miller

This cover photo, ahm, actually, is more like a modern business card laid out to look like it’s been placed on top of a flat surface. The social media icons looked more like Danielle is saying that you should follow her in other networks as well!

Danielle Miller

13. Nicole Dilg Beachum

No, Nicole has no intention of making your mind go fuzzy with this maze. But if you want a solid ‘path’ to effective marketing strategies through social media, she’s likely one of the best options you could have.

Nicole Dilg Beachum

14. Robert Scoble

The red color is already something: it seeks attention. It’s picturesque of something very timely, emergent, yet helpful. Add some modern styles to presenting the cover photo, Robert Scoble didn’t really waste it after all.

Robert Scoble

15. John Dietrich – Show Your Passion

Another modern looking cover photo that shows exactly what John does. The logo, the list of things that he specializes on, and of course, some few thumbnails to steal the spotlight—what more could you ask?

John Dietrich

16. Kim Garst

This may not look very modern, but the classic yet professional feel of this cover photo speaks more of a business that you can really rely upon. If she’s featured in Fox News and Forbes, then she did the job well also by featuring herself in Google+ this way!

Kim Garst

17. Paul Colligan

A touch of red against a greyish background, Paul Colligan has something interesting in his work which are books in form. ‘Create. Publish. Profit.’—this is what is said in the cover photo, and I bet you’ll find more information through the books he is selling.

Paul Colligan

18. James Wedmore

James looked occupied in this cover photo, isn’t he? But that’s the trick here; you won’t see him so playful except with his big-bodied camera just on the left of him. Questions? Send him a message.

James Wedmore

19. Pat Flynn

A guy with an iPad against a dusky but peaceful beach—it’s more like Pat’s saying that he is the one that you’d love to ask for financial advice so that you can also enjoy that kind of peace of mind without sacrificing convenience and ease of life.

Pat Flynn

20. Matt Medeiros

Matt’s cover is an example of forceful marketing item. See how really catchy the ‘#1’ displayed in the center of the photo?

Matt Medeiros

21. David Garland

David has a very pleasing cover photo in this case. A floating chat-out balloon that ‘talks’ to you, while him sitting on the floor with his MacBook with him. He’s one simple guy with a lot of talents, so to say.

David Garland

22. Pauline Cabrera

Uh, well.. of course, I’d include myself in the list! I wanted to have a ‘fun-looking’ and unique cover photo that would easily grab people’s attention and get them to read what I’m all about.

Pauline Cabrera

23. Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks is another busy guy in this case, but it’s more like he also wants you to witness such a busy yet productive event. Add him up, and he’ll invite you to join him in this photo!

Rich Brooks

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