14 Great Websites With Unusual Navigation 2013

One of the most important elements of great websites is to have user-friendly navigation scheme. Users should have the ability to use the website with the least stress. They should find what they need in the fastest and most convenient way. Though it is true that simple is better when it comes to designing your website, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make it extraordinary and turn it into living testimony of human creativity.

In this article, I will put forward some of the awesome websites that best exemplifies the unusual navigational schemes possible today. Take a tour and be amazed with our list below.

1. Secret Study


The Secret Study website is very unique with its tilted square navigation buttons. At there home page, you will find the About, Services, Projects, and Clients buttons placed at each corner of the square while at the middle, you will find the logo of Secret Study. When you click one button, for example, the About button, you will be led to another page; but the peculiar square will still be seen which will lead you to other pages as well.

2. Racket


Now here is where you will find the best portfolio combined with the best navigation. With a simple click of a button, you can easily find their work displayed in their website.

3. We are Eli


We are Eli is definitely is a must visit website. You will find their home page as something out of the box idea. The whole page is studded with many of their works. To navigate their page, you need to press and drag the column you want to navigate.

4. Intacto


Intacto gives you a remarkable introduction of their website. As you press the start button, a new window will appear. You will now witness their responsive page. Just be patient though because it will take over a minute before the responsive page will start moving. After it loaded, follow the instructions and you will be stupefied with the page.

5. Etch Apps


We have been accustomed to those websites that has their different pages stuck at the upper portion of their page. All you have to do is click them to go to other pages. Nothing else as it is very predictable. But with Etch Apps, you will simply click the images in their home page and be led to the page you want to explore.

6. Salt Films


I don’t know about you but this website is exponentially awesome! Instead of a mouse pointer, you will be using a caricature hand to select the items you want to pick. For example, you chose the salt image; you need to shake your mouse up and down as if you are sprinkling the salt to your screen. After that, a new page will appear. Cool, huh?

7. I am Yuna


This website is great by itself. You will be shown different geometric shapes and as you hover your mouse pointer over these shapes, it will change its shape and image.

8. Les Dunes dw Flandre


Another unique page that you will surely love, in their home page, a panoramic image is shown. Below the page is a smaller version of the panorama. You can click that smaller image to specify which part of the photo you want to navigate. The photo is an actual place and you will find markers within the photo which will show you the interesting facts, activities, and events about that area.

9. Lena Sanz


Lena Sanz is a website showcasing portfolio of a photographer. The navigation is outstanding since it can easily help you go from one photo to another.

10. Darvan


Darvan works like a smartphone touchscreen. You can drag one column either left or right to show other columns.

11. Kutz Town


You will be allured by how this website works. It makes navigation more fun because of the artistic design that comes with each page they have.

12. Zervice


Zervice’s website is definitely interesting and vibrant at the same time. At the left side, you will find a van that will travel up or down depending upon what button you will choose. It will be great to start with the Begin button. You will be welcomed then by Zervice. Next will be About, Features, Benefits, and Learn More. Each stage will bring you to different destination.

13. Michel Berger Monkey


Michel Berger Monkey is a story-telling page about a monkey. At first, a closed blue hand of a monkey will appear and then, the hand will eventually open. Follow the story as you navigate across the website.

14. Carbon Studio

At their home page, there is a big blue balloon surrounded by smaller circles. You need to drag and drop the smaller circles towards the center. So if you want to know how to contact them, select the Contact Us circle then drop it in their circle.

These are some of the websites that have unique and astounding navigation. So if you own a website, don’t let the mediocre dictate how your website should look like. Remember, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to web design. So better make your website unique and fun to use with powerful navigational tools!

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