20+ Examples Of Hand Drawn Web Designs For Inspiration

Many web designers often use computer tools like Photoshop or other automated tools to create layout designs for websites. It’s quite rare to see websites with hand-drawn designs. So, I decided to break down 20 of the best hand-drawn website designs for your inspiration.

Great Examples of Creative Hand-drawn Website Designs

Here are a bunch of website designs that took a lot of effort in putting them up using artistic hands:

1. Bootb Creatividad

This website is a creativity site for artists, students and the like to share their work, find clients, and such. It also offers brands the chance to hire designers themselves. The website has a bunch of chalk-like doodles and such on a black background, which makes it quite cute. The site’s overall design is excellently plotted.

Bootb Creatividad

2. Crayon’s life

Crayon's life

3. Our Wildlife Garden

This is a very unique website design, such that it makes use of child-like drawn elements to give it a really childish feel. After all, it is a primary school website – the site of St. Malachy’s Primary School Wildlife Garden. Kids will really enjoy this unique design.

Our Wildlife Garden

4. Cilantro Cafe

Cilantro Cafe

5. Deborah Cave

6. Quake Quiz SF

This is an interactive website brought upon by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management, for people to learn how to manage themselves in case of an earthquake. The details in each building and location are very sharp and fine.

Quake Quiz SF

7. Fakta


8. Gnosh


9. Miki Mottes’ Portfolio

I bet a lot of you have already seen the portfolio of this talented animator. Everything in his portfolio website is cute and interactive (the characters can move or do something with the hover of the mouse), and you have tons of animation samples to choose from, as well as other graphic works. The graphics on the site were made in Flash.

Miki Mottes

10. Kinetic

Kinetic Web

11. Marie Catribs

12. Odosketch

13. Deborah Cavenaugh

Enough said, this website tops a lot of hand-drawn websites with its creativity and use of fine arts as a website design. The paintings and drawings on the background look vibrant and eye-catching. Not to mention that this website (which actually a portfolio of a graphic artist) has also been featured by a lot of websites that has reviewed it positively.

Deborah Cavenaugh

14. Priscilla Martins

15. Rangus


16. Middle Mojo

17. SteedIcons

Steed Icons

18. The Many Faces Of

The Many Faces Of

19. Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall

20. WingCheng

Wing Cheng


Sometimes, you do not have to always rely on technology and the latest graphic software and tools to make your website interesting and graphically-competent with other website designs. A touch of art will do, and if done in a great and creative way, it can bring you to success and reach more audience.

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