10 Best Health Coaching Websites to Inspire You (2023)

Crafting a health coaching website can be hard especially if you don’t know which direction to go yet. Luckily, there are a bunch of amazing health caching websites out there that you can take inspiration from and add to your swipe file. A well-structured website can help you jumpstart your presence online and establish credibility on a single page. Here, we rounded up the ten best health coaching websites to inspire you and take charge of your online presence.

10 Best Health Coaching Websites to Inspire You (2022)

1. Crowell + Co

Crowell + Co Health Coaching Websites

Crowell + Co is a laidback and cosy website of a health practitioner. Her chosen palette leans to the brownish and earthy colours. Besides this, she executed her website in a modern yet sophisticated look that plays around with different tones of colours and spaces. Furthermore, she also approached web copy in easy to absorb bite-size pieces. Easy to navigate, she also communicates who she is and what she can bring to the table with her free resources. This can strategically help her nurture relationships without many hiccups.

2. Realfoodology

Focusing on health and diet, Realfoodology is quite an interesting website. The website has fun and colourful sections that are pleasing to the eyes without actually going overboard. As an extension of her personality, the website has a positive aura that makes it easier for people to build rapport and build relationships with the practitioner. She also utilized enough space that each section is separated from others, allowing them their own spotlight in every scroll.

3. Christina the channel

Christina the channel

Christina The Channel is a spiritual guide that can help with meditation practices and navigation of where we are currently. She has a feminine website that shines through her choice of pinkish-brown colour palette with gold accents that elevate the whole aesthetic.  Not only that, but she also as an interesting mix of fonts from handwritten cursive, serif, and sans serif that looked put together as well. Looking at her website, there is also a light of positivity that her audience can resonate with through aspiration or reflection of themselves.

4. Awaken Harmony

Helpful in finding peace and improving mental wellness, Awaken Harmony is one calming website to visit. They have a minimalist website design that doesn’t pressure you and allow you to take your time through evenly spaced sections. Moreover, they also have navigation on top to encourage the audience to take action. Their website also mainly has reddish-brown and earthy tones for a more grounded vibe that can help build credibility.

5. Running with Forks

running with forks Health Coaching Websites

Running with Forks believe that the website is an important touchpoint for their audience’s better health and wellness. As a multi-disciplinary approach, they chose darker themes in their colours which gave more dimension to earthy tones. This led their branding to be a bit serious but modern and professional. In each section, there is always a call-to-action to encourage the audience to engage further.

6. Elizabeth Rider

Chic and sophisticated, Elizabeth Rider has a lovely website that communicates her brand personality with just one look. Her website is bright and light, making it easier to tap on different personalities. Moreover, there is also a pop of colour to attract attention to the important details. With a quite deliberate website focused on blog content, you can browse already and select one for a quick read.  She also divided her content and came up with a navigation bar on top for easier browsing.

7. Jessica Sepel


With a modern and professional website, Jessica Sepel has a minimalist website that’s well-structured and neat. She picked to use neutral colours along with a fitting green shade reminding us of healthy greens. With few scrolls, she allotted space to showcase her books and Instagram posts. She also added a quick directory at the end of the site for those who just skim through the website and would want to continue navigating.

8. The Mindful Blonde

The Mindful Blonde has earthy and fall tones on her website. As a mother, meditator, and someone who advocates mindful living, she sure has a homey website that one can easily get comfortable in. She taps into healthy eating habits and being mindful of what we put in our bodies. Here, she also used monotone colour blocking to separate different sections and keep the space evenly distributed without feeling too crowded. Scrolling further, she also links her Instagram account and other activities she’s involved in.

9. Go Fit Jo

jo portia Health Coaching Websites

One of the best health coaching websites, this is something you can visit to feel inspired. Earthy colours complemented by dark green and peach adds more dimension and personality into the mix. We also appreciate Go Fit Jo‘s deliberate use of geometric patterns that vary in size, form, and style. This adds a little bohemian vibe but is elegantly executed throughout her homepage. She also explores the use of images and video for a more diversified experience in her website.

10. Peak primal Health

Allowing you to embrace your inner child, Peak Primal Health has a more athletic vibe that fits those who want to be more active in life. They used graphics that has human elements of different ages, gender, and more. Not only that, they made the most out of their landing page by telling their story and tapping into the reader’s hearts. Doing so is a surefire way to build rapport and later communicate how to help them once they’ve onboarded.

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